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  • I live in Hong Kong
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is your nightmare
  • I am your father account same as here

Discord name: Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan#0624

We pledge: No more tears on our land,
In wrath, doubts dispell’d we make our stand.
Arise! Ye who would not be slaves again:
For Hong Kong, may Freedom reign!

Though deep is the dread that lies ahead,
Yet still, with our faith, on we tread.
Let blood rage afield! Our voice grows evermore:
For Hong Kong, may Glory reign!

Stars may fade, as darkness fills the air,
Through the mist a solitary trumpet flares:
Now, to arms! For Freedom we fight, with all might we strike!
With valour, wisdom both, we stride!'

Break now the dawn, liberate our Hong Kong,
In common breath: Revolution of our times!
May people reign, proud and free, now and evermore,
Glory be to thee, Hong Kong!

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  • Well, after all my arguments in favor of 8-B + for Spider-Man, in this ( and in this ( calculation, do you accept them or not? All the same, videos from YouTube prove that my results is correct. Drite77 results are too low.

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  • Copied from the thread.

    ShakeResounding wrote: The feat comes from Collective Man, who has the power of one billion people. He says so himself. (Btw I'm 95% sure him caving in Vibranium is an outlier and also just doesn't make any damn sense).

    Spider-Man, in the Mark IV, goes against him and comments about the one billion people thing (because I guess it's common knowledge) before taking a hit from the guy. He's apparently seeing quintuple which seems inconsistent with the amount of other heavy hitters that wail on him that are over this range of power but otherwise okay.

    Must've remembered the scan wrong. There might be some statements about the entirety of China somewhere else. But considering he's drawing power from them, I doubt it'd be from the disabled and such. Or at the very least not children if the Cap scan is anything to go by. Could be wrong tho

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  • I saw the video you linked and spoted a mistake. This is actually a cantilever bending not 3 point bending. In cantilever you don't multiply the bending moment by 4. 

    beam diameter - 2.86 cm or 18.5 pixels

    length - 124 px - 19.2 cm 

    Force = 1638/0.192 = 8531 N

    For most of the calcs that would be enough, but as you can see he also used his right arm to keep the beam steady. So we also need to calculate the force the needs to apply with his right arm it order to support it. Which is actually quiet simple. Simple second class lever problem

    Distance from his left hand - 330 px (yellow line)

    Distance from his right hand - 267 px (blue line)

    Force with right arm 8531*330/267 = 10544 N

    Total force: 10544+8531 = 19075 N or 1945 kgf (Class 5)

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    • Well, I don’t know exactly what it says, but it’s not that long, can you read it and translate the part with the feats?

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    • Well feats I could find:



      The girl threatening to rip the doll in half, probably not anything impressive.














      在这个时代叫做『Hyper Yithter』哟,是连我们那个时代也还没开发成功,性能超高的精种交换机哟。不只是精神,包括身体与灵瑰,整个个体都能和另一个时代的某人对调哟!」

      This part is talking about how the future girl is able to time travel and swap his consciousness with other things. With future technology I assume.






      This sunflower seed pill will make them and the people of the past view each other as normal people and won't go crazy.



      Apparently the main character spectaculars that two student's fighting in a certain point in space-time caused the destruction of the school. I don't know if she's speaking the truth or not.















      This part is very confusing to me as I'm not sure what's happening, I only know there's some sort of an explosion. I'll just give you the whole translated passage by Google Translate (paraphrased by me of course):

      There was an overwhelming explosion around the two in the centre. In the blink of an eye, the surrounding rubble melted and spread near Zhen Xun.

      Although Yi Xiang set up a light wall similar to a shield to block the explosion, the storm still tortured Zhen Xun's body, almost blowing him away.

      Zhen Xun grabbed the wall of the building and closed his eyes, praying for help.

      She don't know how long it has passed.

      Zhen Xun fears that there are only a dozen seconds, but it feels inexplicably long.

      As the sound and winds ceased, she opened her eyes and was left speechless.

      A huge crater appeared at the location where the two were, and the rubble scattered around disappeared without a trace. The building that Zhen Xun supported was only the part left. If there was no protective cover, she would have died.

      The most important thing is that the two at the epicentre of the explosion do not exist anywhere today.

      "w... what about them?"

      "Blasted away? Broken into ashes and died?"

      Issang said exactly what Zhen Xun did not dare to say. The explosion just now was powerful enough to turn the surroundings into scorched earth. It's hard to believe that the only survivors are the two in the epicentre.

      "Could it be that this is why those guys disappeared?"

      "Maybe ..."

      At this point of time, the two people were fighting each other, resulting in the destruction of the Universe Elementary School building. Therefore, in the future where Zhen Xun and others are located, younger brothers including Hasta and Shata are regarded as non-existent inside.

      That's all I could find for now.

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  • This time Therefir did the AGK storm calc, could you look it over when you can?

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  • Hello Spino, I just want your help on something, there is a feat where an energy attack came from deep within the earth of an island, I just want your thought of the depth I should use for my calculation, it is an island out in the middle of the sea so I an trying to figure out what depth I should

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  • An admin that believes in 2-C Justice League, that is good, that is very good...

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