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  • I live in Japan
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Anything I can help with? And please no hate in my message wall.

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  • Hello, I was wondering what updates if any you have in regards to your Guilty Gear blog?

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  • wouldn`t the top Low 6Bs be 6B.The gap between Low 6B is 7 times and they all scale to a 4 teratons.Hazama stomped ragana and jin.So him being atleast 2 times above the feat is not that far fetched

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  • Can you help me translate this please? I think this has been brought up before, just a little bump.












    What I got from Google Translate was:

    "The infinite Mobius system-a dream system created by genius scientist Almsvein.

    With a theory different from nuclear, we continue to produce energy permanently in endless cycles.

    Human dreams and all energy problems are solved. "

    "... In a nutshell, it is a mechanism that utilizes the phenomenon that the mass is reduced to energy when the substance falls into the gravity vortex collapsor. By using two toroids, they interfere with each other, the theory You probably thought that the above could generate energy infinitely, but it is far from perfect and it seems to be a dangerous and dangerous item.

    "If you think that growth rate = transition of time, when the expansive power disappears from this universe, the concept of time also disappears.

    If expansion of the universe is positive energy, it can be said that the phenomenon occurring in front of you is negative energy. Negative energy is special and not of a nature that can be protected.

    Verdola is not affected by almost all interference waves.

    That means that "probability operation" is all-purpose.

    Even if this was an attack from an enemy, it would not have passed.

    Even if the world is destroyed, Veldora can move to other dimensions without being affected. "

    Thank you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I wanted to ask for your input about this profile for Shiva from the Final Fantasy franchise:

    • 冷気をつかさどる召喚獣。シリーズではFFⅢが初登場となるシヴァ。絶対零度の冷気により、エクスプローラーたちを苦しめる。シヴァ最大の特徴は、常に冷気のオーラをまとい、近づくだけで相手を「凍結」状態にする

    The original can be seen in this page on the Final Fantasy Explorers japanese website.

    The rough google translation states this:

    • Reiki o tsukasadoru shōkankemono. Shirīzude wa FF Ⅲ ga hatsu tōjō to naru shivu~a. Zettaireido no reiki ni yori, ekusupurōrā-tachi o kurushimeru. Shivu~a saidai no tokuchō wa, tsuneni reiki no ōra o matoi, chikadzuku dake de aite o `tōketsu' jōtai ni suru.
    • Summoned beast that controls cold. Shiva is the first appearance of FF III in the series. The chills of absolute zero cause the Explorers to suffer. Shiva's biggest feature is always wearing a cold aura, and just approaching it will freeze it

    For the most part I want to make sure Shiva's profile mentions she uses Absolute Zero. I could tell it mentions Zettaireido which is the Japanese term for Absolute Zero, but just wanted to make sure.

    Sorry once again, and thanks a lot for all the help!

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  • Hey man, if you have the time, could you please Translate what this scan is saying exactly???

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    • Oh, I have seen this before. You're looking for feats, aren't you?

      The best it can give to you is the ability to transcend space and time.

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    • I see. Thanks for the translations.

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  • Can you translate something for me? thanksu
    Dodo Translation uno
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  • When you have the time, would you be able to check on the following pages for the Devil May Cry 3 manga? Relatively short stuff.

    There are two different English translations that are popular for this page:

    Is either of them accurate? If not, can you give your own rundown?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • M3X

    Can you comment on that Naruto thread again? Thanks

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  • Just these two, in the context of a credit scroll/staff list for an anime.

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  • Your input for this thread would be much appreciated:

    Thanks in advance.

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