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Anything I can help with? And please no hate in my message wall.

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  • Hello again. Obviously, I'm trying to do something big for a certain verse; but for now, The request is this: There are quite a bit of things to translate; some w/ notes of some that I (Think I...?) already know. Anything I'm missing, I'll update the OP. Here we go. (Hopefully the size is reasonable for you...)

    1. フォークライ (A character's last name; untranslated for so long.)

    2.「剣の悪魔」 (The Nickname for another character. But why 悪魔 (Akuma)? Does it have some kind of Symbolism?)

    3. 魔王 means something like "Demon Lord", or "Devil King". I'll leave it to you to decide.

    4. 受けろあたしの必殺拳ッ! (A Finish Skill for aforementioned Verse.)

    5. イルクオーレ (This character will be very important to Verse Lore.)

    6. ククレイン=ノースラ (A character in the Conventional Verse.)

    7. ビリンデ (The First Name of another character. (BTW: Already translated her Last Name to "Alto".))

    8. クローゼス (Last Name of another character.)

    9. カレンデール=マリエル (Another Character Name of the Conventional Verse)

    10. ハーニャ=トラハルド (Another Character Name of the Conventional Verse)

    11. マレサ=ビゼー (Another Character Name of the Conventional Verse)

    12. 必殺 (A Playable Character's Original Ability, & a part of a another move's name.)

    13. フィレッツガント国 (An area of the Verse's World; 国 = Country if I remember right...)

    14. リリティス (Another Area of the Verse's World.)

    15. 退魔師 (Occupation of another character.)

    16. オーライア (Location of the Verse.)

    I pray this isn't too much for you. I even gave explanation for such names. Again, anything I'm missing, I'll let you know.

    good luck...

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  • Would you mind to translate what says here please?

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  • I sent a PM

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  • Hey, ShiroyashaGinSan, I have a translation request for this thread:

    So, here is the quote:

    " Oh! Ciel-san said something to me.
    Where are we?
    Also what happened to Veldora-san?

    《This is the End of the World. It could also be referred to as the “End of Time and Space”. As for Veldora, he was isolated inside the『Imaginary Space』and completely protected, so please rest assured.》

    I see. Veldora-san is alright.
    That’s great….. Eh? This needlessly large and empty world is the “End of Time and Space”, she said?
    Certainly, time doesn’t flow and is in a stopped state. I can’t sense the spread of space either…..

    《Yes. In this world, the flow of time has stopped. The spread of space had ceased as well, and in accordance with the Law of Entropy, this world has arrived at nothingness.》

    Has arrived? You are talking as if you have watched it?

    That’s right. We were hurled to beyond space and time due to Yuuki’s attack. The lifespan of the planet has already ended a long time ago, but the collapse of the world hasn’t yet been reached. From that I deduced, Yuuki probably couldn’t destroy the world itself yet. When he was at the phase where he destroyed the celestial bodies as well as the space-time continuum, I presume that Yuuki’s lifespan had come to an end. However, I can’t judge whether his wish was fulfilled or not. After that, we wandered around as we drifted in the space and I witnessed the end of this universe.》"

    ~ Chapter 248





     良かった……って、え? 何にもないだだっ広い世界が、"時空の果て"だって?



     至りました? まるで見てきたような物言いだな?


    ~ Chapter 248

    Is High 3-A or even Low 2-C accurate from the orginal raws, there?

    Thanks in advance👍

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    • I think you forgot to give him the second translation, here

      [Indeed. We have been thrown into the far end of Space-time through Yuuki’s attack. The star has exceeded its lifespan, but the world has not been destroyed yet. Judging by this, Yuuki must have not been able to destroy the world itself. I speculate that after destroying all the stars as a space-time continuum, his lifespan had ended. However, I cannot determine if his wish had been fulfilled through this. After that, I floated off into space, and witnessed the ending of the universe.]

      Since these two translation can be mean 2 different thing, can you please tell US which one is more accurate?

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  • Would you mind translate the japanese dialogue from this short video please? Skip to minute 2:12

    Mazinger Z, Evas and Mechagodzillas vs Godzilla

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Can you please translate this when you have time?The text is fairly small,its for CRT.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I got a page I would like you to translate if that is ok. I have looked for a bit on the internet and cant find a translation lol.

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  • Hello! I hope im not intruding, but can you help me translate a couple of manga pages..?

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  • Hello, may I send you some pages of something to translate?

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    • Well, it's not something presentable as evidence like that. If the sentences saying that were translated I could show them and the pages at once with paint.

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    • Quick reminder, please let me know if I should contact someone else for this.

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