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  • So Ant wanted me to get you for this Senshinkan thread about their Physology and potential Abstract Existence

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  • Hey, Sera, can give your inputs on this thread when you can because I think it would be a good idea to have your inputs there?

    Thanks in advance, Sera👍

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  • Could you take a imput here?

    It will be appreciated.

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  • Hey, Sera, I want to be certain, is this enough for High-Godly regeneration or is just a really good Low-Godly regeneration because shattered into a concept to 1000 pieces is not like completely destroying concept?

    • Depending on how we take Tzeentch regenerating from being "shattered into thousands of pieces" by the 3 other Choas Gods or what not it could be High Godly.

    Personally, I know there is a similar case with essence regarding Dormammu (Classic) who have Low-Godly because of regeneration from his shattered essence so I don't think regeneration from one's shattered concept would be different there; hence, I think the regeneration is best at Low-Godly.

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  • Just hear for lighthearted smalltalk.

    I recently got interessted in topic of the Qliphoth and Sephiroth and found out that the japanese refer to William Greys version whenever they talk about the Qliphoth (The one with the mistranlated, hebrewish names like Bacikal) and i just wondered why this is. Even the japanese wikipedia page uses Greys version and i would like to know why that is.

    I would have done my own digging but its all japanese so... Lol

    Have a good day otherwise

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  • Sorry to bother you, but can I get your opinion here if you don't mind? I want to hear your opinion regarding the Second point I brought up in that thread.

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  • How's it going?

    I sent a PM

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  • Hey, Sera, I have a translation request for this thread:

    So, here is the quote:

    " Oh! Ciel-san said something to me.
    Where are we?
    Also what happened to Veldora-san?

    《This is the End of the World. It could also be referred to as the “End of Time and Space”. As for Veldora, he was isolated inside the『Imaginary Space』and completely protected, so please rest assured.》

    I see. Veldora-san is alright.
    That’s great….. Eh? This needlessly large and empty world is the “End of Time and Space”, she said?
    Certainly, time doesn’t flow and is in a stopped state. I can’t sense the spread of space either…..

    《Yes. In this world, the flow of time has stopped. The spread of space had ceased as well, and in accordance with the Law of Entropy, this world has arrived at nothingness.》

    Has arrived? You are talking as if you have watched it?

    That’s right. We were hurled to beyond space and time due to Yuuki’s attack. The lifespan of the planet has already ended a long time ago, but the collapse of the world hasn’t yet been reached. From that I deduced, Yuuki probably couldn’t destroy the world itself yet. When he was at the phase where he destroyed the celestial bodies as well as the space-time continuum, I presume that Yuuki’s lifespan had come to an end. However, I can’t judge whether his wish was fulfilled or not. After that, we wandered around as we drifted in the space and I witnessed the end of this universe.》"

    ~ Chapter 248





     良かった……って、え? 何にもないだだっ広い世界が、"時空の果て"だって?



     至りました? まるで見てきたような物言いだな?


    ~ Chapter 248

    Is High 3-A or even Low 2-C accurate from the orginal raws, there?

    Thanks in advance👍

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