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  • Can you come join my versus thread:

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  • I made a bracket that I would like to see take off. If you're not interested, that's cool. (4-B Brains vs Brawn)

    Actual bracket post:

    Round 1:

    Yet again, if you're not interested, that's cool, just let me know :)

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  • I’ve seen you argue for Akame before so here’s a match.

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  • Helllo sir, it sems you are quite knowlegeble on the dragon ball franchise. mind giving your views here?

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  • You got time to hop on chat?

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  • How are things with you?

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  • I don't read the novels, so if you want more details and possibly quotes, then you should ask IMadeThisOn8-1-2017 or something. Although I think these are the pages where this info was stated.

    But there are parts of the Bleach novels that states that the Soul King with his Almighty was able to a lot of shit, here are some quotes of IMadeThisOn8-1-2017 saying as such:

    "Soul King made the 3 worlds with his Almighty, including Dangai and Garganta. He also moved Hell to its own dimension it seems.

    Even with most of his powers removed (Pernida, Mimihagi, Gerard and his other body parts) he still had the power to keep the worlds separated and maintained.

    Mimihagi alone had the power to do that as well, so Soul King in his prime was fucking strong.

    Yhwach had his own Almighty, which could potentially scale him to Soul King's level when sealed. Then Yhwach absorbed the sealed Soul King and Mimihagi who already had the power to maintain the worlds as well.

    So Soul King Yhwach is pretty damn strong.

    The novel is halfway done as well, more to come."

    "By the novels it's going to be higher than 5-B from what we can tell so far. It could be several times it.

    Soul King made 3 worlds and several dimensions, some of different space times, with his own Almighty. They are of different places in the universe or their own dimensions, we'll have to discuss that because then it begs the question of the Soul King moving the worlds to their current position. Then we must also ask the question, if they are dimensions then did he make the stars and moons for those dimensions? Most likely if true.

    Once we figure that out, we must also determine the Soul King's body still having the power to maintain the existence of the worlds and if that also has an AP. If it does, that means Mimihagi scales since Mimihagi could replace the Soul King.

    Once we answer that we must decide if the other body parts of the Soul King scale (probably not imo).

    After that, we must now decide if Yhwach's Almighty, that he activated in his fight with Ichibei, scales to the Soul King's Almighty that made the worlds, dimensions and maintained them even when power stripped.

    Then we gotta add Yhwach taking in the Soul King's powers and Mimihagi's powers plus the likes of Gerard and Pernida (other body parts of the Soul King's).

    So, it could lead to some seriously high numbers for Yhwach, Mimihagi and the Soul King."

    "More like the universe was already a thing into existence and the Soul King is basically "God" itself. They describe him as the closest being to omnipotence with how great it's power is.

    The Soul King with his Almighty split the original world into three: Soul Society, the World of the Living and Hueco Mundo. The existence of Hell, a pit as first called, was also made.

    So I think we should discuss things a couple things:


    [hide]#The World of the Living

    1. Soul Society
      1. Muken
    2. Hueco Mundo
    3. Dangai
    4. Garganta
    5. Hell
    6. Valley of Screams

    The World of the Living

    Essentially it is irl Earth. Does it also include the sun and our solar system? I lean towards no, it could have already existed.

    Soul Society

    Basically the Shinigami's world. It has it's own sun and moon even as we've seen. Does the Soul King making the Shinigami world include those as well? I lean towards most likely yes.


    The Muken exist in Soul Society and is stated infinite in size, but I don't think it's truly infinite honestly. It could have been hyperbolic language as well.

    Hueco Mundo

    Basically the Hollow's world. It has it's own moon and no sun as it's in perpetual night. Does the Soul King making Hueco Mundo include the moon as well? I lean towards yes.


    The Precipice World, a dimension of a different time and space.The Dangai connects Soul Society to the World of the Living. Seeing as it directly connects the two worlds the Soul King made, it didn't exist before the Soul King since the worlds didn't exist. I'd say the Soul King made the Dangai as well.


    A "pathway" of a different space that connects Hueco Mundo to the other worlds including the Dangai, a torrent of Reishi. Like the Dangai, this dimension connects a world that the Soul King made to other worlds the Soul King. It would not have existed before the Soul King, thus he must have made it as well.


    Explicitly stated in the latest novel update that Hell existed before the Soul King, so Hell is not on the table.

    Valley of Screams

    Can't be done by the Soul King since their existence was through the masses of souls rejected from the cycle of reincarnation which came to be after the Soul King came about. So they're a byproduct of the Soul King's creation, but not by his own power."

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  • Could you take a look at this thread and give your thoughts on what powers this guy would have.

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  • >There is absolutely a travel time for soul Hax.


    >Literally every appearance, Shao Kahn's AoE has to stretch across the planet. Or reach his opponent before pulling out his soul.

    Definitely need proof out of this.

    >Shao Kahn's activation is faster, but the ability reaching Strange from 4KM away is not.

    More proof.

    I didn't include your last point because I need these to be answered first.

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    • <Proof

      Every time it's used

      MK3, the infamous planetary soul Hax was in a cloud that covered the entire planet.

      MK9 when Shao Kahn soul haxes the earthrealmer, it takes a short time to travel to him before pulling his soul.

      I don't need to prove an Area of Effect, traveling from a 4KM distance in a Speed Equalized match is slower then moving your hands together.

      There's no proof it has no travel time and every time it's used, it has a travel time.

      See the massive cloud overhead when Shao Kahn uses Soul Hax? And it covering the planet? That.

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    • The cloud is just Outworld being merged to fuse with Earthrealm, that's basically the appearance of Outworld's atmosphere. That's not soulhax.

      This is Shao Kahn's invasion being halted, with his tower disintegrating and returning back to Outworld. The red clouds are being dispersed and Outworld is no longer a part of Earthrealm.

      The MK9 example is just Shao Kahn zapping a Shaolin monk, and assuming it is soulhax is wrong since he was badly burned by the energy beam. When he absorbs the soul of someone, their bodies disappear. See Shang Tsung,and the MK3 intro you just posted (you can notice the woman in the picture slowly fading) for example.

      Plus there's no more travel time when it's range is planetary. It's not something you can dodge and Strange would've been already killed if his soul gets ripped. You can see the people screaming in pain as their souls leave their body in the MK3 intro.

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    • It's range being planetary doesn't mean it doesn't have travel time, stretching that far is a thing.

      Actually Shang Tsuing proves my point of Shao Kahn needs to Aim it, because of it didn't have a travel time him aiming it makes no sense.

      Though of that's not him sucking souls......When has he lead with it?

      If there's proof of this, I concede

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  • You appear to be knowledgeable on Sailor Moon. Mind giving your thoughts here?

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