Rin The Dragon Empress

aka Rin

  • I live in Asia
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is Empress of Dragons
  • I am Female

Hi! My names Rin The Dragon Empress, but you can just call me Rin! I'm not really sure what to put here but I'll just list off the verses I'm knowledgeable on and enjoy. If you have any questions pertaining to them I'll gladly answer them and help out whenever I get the chance

One Piece (My favorite Big Time Shonen Manga and the only series from the HST I've read so far.)

Hajime no Ippo ( An extremely underrated anime and Manga, the characters and story is amazing and it's packed full of action, hype and emotion.)

Fairy Tail ( While I don't have the greatest opinion on the quality of the Manga I do enjoy a lot of the characters. ).

Full Metal Alchemist ( Brotherhood and 2003 )

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  • Hope you're having a good day, and I'm just wondering! Is Nightingale your ava? Or someone else?

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  • What's your native language?

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  • Do you remember Luffy having a good feat for enhance smell feat?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Rin. I think your post in my conversation with Kep on his wall is a bit rude.

    Saying you'd prefer not argue on Kep's wall right after leaving a post full of arguments for your side? I don't appreciate it at all.

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    • Thank you, I have responded.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I have seen you comment on a few threads relate to it so I'm curious.

    Are you familiar with Akame Ga Kill?

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  • Hey,

    As the above title kinda says, just want to apologise. U were very much correct that in the OP thread I overreacted to something that was relatively minor. I apologise for that, wish I could say that my reaction was because I was stressed or something but I don’t think that’d be completely truthful, I just think my jerkass was showing.

    Again sorry bout that.

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  • Hey, would you agree with adding me to Discord? If yes, let me know and I'll go to the chat.

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  • Looks through the past meteors feats and noticing that they still use 0.24645892925 ratio despite the size of the Dressrosachanging from Cin's own to Damage's own. So, using that figure, for your Dressrosa version;- 

    Birdcage's Tankiness

    Kinetic of meteor = 3.4847789e+20 J

    Ratio of metoerite touching strings = 0.24645892925

    Durability of Birdcage = 3.4847789e+20 x 0.24645892925 = 8.5885488e+19 J

    20527124282.98 tons of tnt = 20.53 gigatons (Island level)

    A lower result but still within Island level territory.

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    • More calculations for the Rin's Dressrosa's size

      Using Damage’s updated formula and Ugarik’s OP Planet Size

      Thickness of threads = 0.00889 m

      Space that the meteorite touches = 6 * 0.00889 = 0.05334 m

      Meteor Diameter = 1438.17m

      Ratio = 0.05334 / 1438.17= 0.0000370888

      Kinetic of meteor = 1.9021997e+21 joules

      Durability of Birdcage = 1.9021997e+21 * 0.0000370888 = 7.0550304e+16 joules

      16861927.34 tons = 16.86 Megatons (City level)

      Don Sai Kick Redux

      Orignal Calc:

      Dressrosa's Size (Old) = 43803 m

      Dressrosa's Size (New) = 31234 m

      Using the Square-cube law

      38.156*(31234/43803)^3= 13.8335642323 megatons (City level)

      EDITED: Made a mistake in the Birdcage, fix it

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    • Ah Kobster brining the good shit

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you have scans of official translations of how it works like the ones you found for Warren holding the Historia of Dragons?

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  • According to your profile, you live in Asia, what country would you happen to live in?

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