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  • Randomlamdom wrote:
    Witches are powered by curses in Puella Magi Verse and Kriemhild Gretchen has all the curses of every magical girl from a 2-a multiverse and A single one upscales to baseline 2-a, and madoka then collects curses from another 2-a multiverse which is retroactively applied to kriemhild making her twice infinity above baseline

    The joke on you:

    The Law of Cycle Assistants such as Sayaka and Nagisa possessed a tiny bit of Madoka consciousness, which was enough to give them Cosmic Awareness on 2-A scale. This should grants them resistance to Mindhax on that level.

    Now, there are literally Infinite numbers of Magical Girls throughout the Multiverse...And Madoka absorbed literally all of them.

    It was confirmed in Magia Record that every Magical Girls that Madoka absorbed will become her assistants just like Sayaka and Nagisa.

    For each the LoC assistants having 2-A Cosmic Awareness just by having a fraction of Madoka consciousness, her full consciousness should be Infinitely greater than them.

    In other word, an Infinitely above baseline 2-A resistance to Mindhax at the least.

    Now let's talk about Homura:

    The Crystalized Magical Girl Homura (the one that used bow and Arrow), already has 2-A Memory Manipulation and Death Manipulation granted by Madoka herself.

    Homulilly mindhaxed Madoka full consciousness, easily bypassing her resistances.

    Akuma Homura being Infinitely stronger than Homulilly, boosted the previous Mindhax potency by Infinity due to upscaling.

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  • I finally got around to responding to your Khepri thing on the big revision thread

    I think I also kinda ignored it on some old vs thread or another, sorry about that

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