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  • Hi, I saw your Surtr sandbox, and I had a couple of questions.

    • Why does the last part say it has 3 keys when the AP only has 2?
    • Why, if he's "the strongest enemy Chaldea had ever faced up to that point", he isn't scaled to Goetia when having his limiters removed?

    A literal couple btw.

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    • There mere fact you even imply I like such a trashy excuse of a novel such as Daimaou disgust me almost as much as that novel disgusts me.

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    • Hahahaha sorry even im also disgusted and don't want to read that shit ever again after trying reading it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • My apologies for taking so long to mention this, but what were the reasons for the following edit?

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    • Well all the Info is on the profile, the Higher parts are literally from the abilities increasing his physical strength and the 4-B likely 2-A part is from scaling to another character who the ability is directly compared to on the profile.

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    • Okay. I suppose that is probably fine then.

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  • I need a Shinza fan here

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  • I would like your input on this match:

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  • Hello!

    Since option 4 was added....suddenly by Ultima to the OP, I was asked by Ant to check whether you maintain your vote or not. Your vote was for Option 3 (like me owo).

    Option 3 :

    • 1-C remains unchanged
      • The current 1-B becomes Low 1-B
      • The current High 1-B becomes 1-B
      • High 1-B becomes the tier for up to uncountably infinite higher planes/dimensions/stuff
      • Low 1-A: More or less a better defined current "baseline" Outerversal, up to any finite number of higher levels above it.
      • 1-A: Infinite Outerversal Hierarchies. Though it doesn't necessarily have to be layers/levels, sheer power/size equivalent to this also qualifies
      • High 1-A: Denoting characters who exist above Outerversal hierarchies altogether, and lie beyond any scale.
      • 0 becomes a tier for all-encompassing characters who exist fully beyond the scope of the rest of the system.

    It's basically the higher tiers of Option 1, but without the disadvantage of compressing the lower tiers.

    TL;DR : Option 3 = Option 1 Outerversal and above tiers + Option 2 lower tiers. (Or Option 1 but decompressed in the lower tiers)

    Option 4 :

    • 1-C and 1-B are unchanged
      • Low 1-A becomes the tier for uncountably infinite dimensions
      • 1-A remains baseline Outerversal and up
      • High 1-A becomes the tier for transcending outerversal hierarchies
      • 0 remains the same as the above
    • Outerverse level has its definition changed from primarily being about existing "beyond-dimensionality" to existing in abstract states of being which cannot be reached by stacking lesser infinities together. Simpler + more straightforward.
    • The higher parts of the system itself start to have a defined metric as well, namely, Aleph Numbers. To give you a brief primer on what they are and how they work, I'd need to establish some important distinctions here: Primarily, one between Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers.

    New thread :

    You can also see the total vote count in one of my posts there. Ctrl+F your name to find it ;)

    If you maintain it, you can tell me here, and nothign would change. If you wish to change your vote, post it in the new thread.

    Sorry to bother.

    Have a nice day!

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  • Eustace vs Goku

    I saw you in a previous Eustace match. Only two more votes are needed.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello, Ive seen you have a Zer0 profile pic. would you be interested in a revision thread of the same verse? We lack feats and some feedback from other members.

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  • sorry to bother you, can you please tell me what speed is this?

    "At the same time as she said that, she charged in.

    Just by taking a step, the floor which was under her feet shattered and exploded, resulting in the debris stopping mid-air.

    To clarify, it was not as if the debris actually stopped in the air. From a third party’s point of view, it would have seemed like Benetnash had disappeared and the floor underneath her exploded. And even before a single second had passed, all the debris would have fallen back down on the ground.

    However, it was different for me. I was experiencing a perception of space and time where time itself was dilated to the extreme limit, such that the debris which was a part of the explosion effectively stopped mid-air without falling back down, essentially isolating me as I left the world’s concept of time behind.

    I existed in a time and space which were no different from the state of stopped time. In this situation, only Benetnash was able to move about nimbly, as she closed in on me."

    also here is author note

    "(Author note)

    Raising the curtains for the Ruphas vs Benet battle

    By the way, between when Benet first dashed in and “I guess I should say it’s to be expected” scene, not even a single second of time lapsed.

    Of course, if an ordinary person were to have observed this fight from the side, it would have just looked like the two of them disappeared and places here and there shattered and exploded randomly.

    During the time the rock was falling back onto the ground, there was: Kick → dodge → dropkick and then magic → dodge → chop → finger thrust → knee kick → back-handed slap → ground kick → high kick  tens of attacks exchanged → Psycho Compression → restriction negated → attack with a claw → leap into the air to avoid the attack and land at the back → high kick → Benet got blown away and stopped; are all the exchanges that took place.

    Q: I don’t quite understand what you mean by how things can be so quick that it feels like time has stopped.

    A: Please imagine Zell Dincht who’s able to repeatedly use Rush Punch and Head Shock within the span of one second in the game, but is actually many tens of minutes of endlessly punching the enemy from the perspective of the player.

    Ruphas and Benet are individuals that are able to live in that domain of the perception of time.

    (Author note end)"

    sorry but im not experienced in creating a profile so i someone to confirm feats, thanks

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