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  • Hey Power, do you mind if I use your profiles for Dragon God Granados and Dalimaone and post it as my own? Ant wants to know what Rameldria scales to.

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    • Sure thing. I was looking into to that earlier, if Rameldria is the strongrst dragon in history, he could be much higher than High 6-A. I'm pretty sure there are some dragons that scale to gods. 

      He should also get too more keys as he evolves into Duelmex, and then from Duelmex into Elderex. 

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  • Um so I was wondering for the wank calc you did (correct me if I am wrong. If h particles are what make up atoms, wouldn't that make them sub atomic particles. Which would mean that Samurai 8 attacks are on sub atomic levels if they can damage some to halt their regen.

    Now time to wank

    Hachi destroys moon completely. Volume of the moon is 2.19e+25 cc.


    = 1.183257e+39 J) Since it was done by ann, daruma and hachimaru would you just divide the result by three since they all helped or would it be that daruma and ann helped more?

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    • IIRC Daruma only taught him the technique as he himself in that state after fighting Ata couldn't destroy it. So the feat was done in his holy trinity state.

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  • I've noticed that you were member of this wiki quite recently and you seem to not know what you are allowed to do (i was like that). I wanted to tell you that if you have any question concerning what you can or can't do here, since many staff members like Antvasima are busy, you can ask me :)

    enjoy your time here 👍

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  • Hi, welcome to VS Battles wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Han Dae-Wi Upgrade page.

    Here are some pages to help you get started.

    Some important things to keep in mind, before making further edits:

    • Disclaimer
    • Only create profiles for characters that you are very familiar with/that you know much about, and present evidence or logical arguments for their statistic listings.
    • Do NOT insert unmotivated ratings into profiles simply because you happen to like or dislike the character or object, and do not change statistics without an accepted content revision thread.
    • Please do not flood the profile talk pages with large walls of text or images. If you wish to discuss something of importance, you may do so in the appropriate forum section.
    • When writing profiles, make sure to follow the standard page formats.
    • Kindly utilize source mode editing. You can change this to your default editing mode in the preferences settings. Feel free to overview this image to observe a basic example regarding how to properly write profile pages in this editing mode.
    • Behave in a civil and unbiased manner, and do not spam, troll, threaten, or use offensive language.
    • Use correct grammar and spelling to the greatest extent possible.
    • If you notice rule-violations, please report them in this forum thread.
    • If you have further questions, you can contact the current managing staff of the wiki.

    For more regulations, continue to read here.

    Feel free to leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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