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  • I was born on April 3
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  • Here are four rules that can help you avoid getting into serious trouble on vs battle wiki.

    1. Don’t threaten the admins:

    Threatening admins is a very bad idea on here as it’s a one way ticket to getting perma banned here on vs battles.

    You can criticize the admins if you feel it’s just but under no circumstances should you ever threaten them.

    2. Do not derail a thread:

    Derailing threads will cause the thread to be closed and result in you getting blocked. That’s no fun. Make sure you keep the thread on topic to ensure that you don’t ruin everyones fun.

    3. No posting NSFW content here:

    Putting pictures of NSFW content or making profiles involving NSFW content is going to get you perma banned. So what ever you do, do not post any of it here on vs battles.

    4. Don’t troll on the wiki:

    If you are just a troll here on vs battles, stop and think of the serious problems that it can cause. Being a troll on here will result in lots of people hating you, Admins banning you, and will seriously damage your reputation here on vs battles.

    So don’t start flame wars, flamebait, and spamming or you will face the consequences.

    Remember people behind the computer/phone have feelings too.

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  • Making threads asking if dragon Ball is overrated isn't exactly the best idea for staying out of trouble.

    Also, speed sorta is > hax with high enough degrees of it. Speed's almost always equalized here, but all the hax in the world is useless if someone can just beat you to death before you can think.

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  • I do have an alt account but don’t worry everyone it’s inactive plus it was created when I used my google account instead the one I’m using right now which is my Facebook account.

    My alt account has my real name (which is a Chinese nick name).

    Don’t worry I’m not using it for sock puppeting or anything.

    It’s just an accident thing.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I’m almost about to reach 3000 global edits.

    If you want to celebrate that.

    That’s fine with me

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  • I am going to have to ask you to kindly stop making stomp Digimon matches. Low 1-C vs 1-C is not possible. 1-C will win all the time no matter what. Pay more attention to the tiers please.

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  • This one, right here

    Please just copypaste the Standard Format for Character Profiles into a blank space first before adding the statistics and remember to put stuff next to and not below the colons, I had to go fix that entire page and it was pretty annoying. You also need to make sure to have spaces in between words and the | signs, and make sure to not capitalize the L in level.

    The profile also seems to lack justifications for some things, and doesn't have a summary. Idk pokemon so I can't help you there, but that should be rectified.

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    • Thank you.

      I’ll remember to do what you told me next time I make a profile.

      I think your great

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    • No problem.

      You sorta have to if you want them to stay on the site, but there's no shame in doing so anyways. When I make my files I copypaste the standard format as a baseline because its just easier, and i'm sure many other staff and experienced members do too.


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    • Your welcome

      And I think your idea is great

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  • I heard you made a creasion profile. Even though it got deleted, is it cool if I see it?

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  • I understand that you're trying to talk to people, but hitting up random admins and asking them about fortnite is not really the way to do it. If you have a topic you want to discuss, why not try starting a thread in general discussion or fun and games? You're more likely to attract people who are interested.

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  • If you feel like the character profiles you mentioned in your Fun & Games Forum post are indeed incorrect or illegitimate please feel free to make a CRT in the Contest Revision board.

    The thread was closed not because of what you presented, but the way it was presented. If you want change I can understand that wholeheartedly, but you need to take the proper channels to make such change a reality and be respectful.

    If you were just messing around, ignore this entirely.

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  • Hi, welcome to VS Battles wiki! Thanks for your edit to the This place is bullshit page.

    Here are some pages to help you get started.

    Some important things to keep in mind, before making further edits:

    • Disclaimer
    • Only create profiles for characters that you are very familiar with/that you know much about, and present evidence or logical arguments for their statistic listings.
    • Do NOT insert unmotivated ratings into profiles simply because you happen to like or dislike the character or object, and do not change statistics without an accepted content revision thread.
    • Please do not flood the profile talk pages with large walls of text or images. If you wish to discuss something of importance, you may do so in the appropriate forum section.
    • When writing profiles, make sure to follow the standard page formats.
    • Kindly utilize source mode editing. You can change this to your default editing mode in the preferences settings. Feel free to overview this image to observe a basic example regarding how to properly write profile pages in this editing mode.
    • Behave in a civil and unbiased manner, and do not spam, troll, threaten, or use offensive language.
    • Use correct grammar and spelling to the greatest extent possible.
    • If you notice rule-violations, please report them in this forum thread.
    • If you have further questions, you can contact the current managing staff of the wiki.

    For more regulations, continue to read here.

    Feel free to leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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