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  • I live in Dar-es-Salaam
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is School student
  • I am Male

Hey, I'm only available once or twice a week during the weekends as of now (school stuff) so if you wish to contact me or talk about anything, Sunday would be the best time to do so. Will be far more free on June though.

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  • Actually found something that simplified Suggsverse Cosmology into something that doesn't sound like absolute trash:

    Its still inconsistant and garbage in implementation though. But al lesst somebody could nake sense of it.

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  • Checked your Heavenspan calc, and usujg the density if Earth you would get a GBE of 1.147227776e73, so that would be a 3-B Planet. Yikes.

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  • Asking an opinion. Would proof that alternate universe stands having been shown to be identical even in things such as speed and power warrant that the world's being shown to be virtually identical in everything mean that it would have to be proved that they dont scale to each other opposed to it needing to be proved they do? Given stands being identical is backed multiple times in that very part with explicit proof?

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  • "the invisible dragon turned human was a super handsome he was a super bishie he was a guy but really he was waaay prettier than girls
    he was really pretty the boys and girls all fell for him
    but tey couldn’t see him cuz he was invisible cuz he was invisible dragon"


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    • True

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    • And I saw your account Ion, see your not a fan of Boku no Hero Academia. I'm not either. Don't hate it, but do think its kinda run of the mill and not worthy of the praise it recieves.

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  • My messages arent going through on the other thread for some reason. 

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    • No problem about not participating, you should get your stuff sorted out. 

      As long as it can be proven that GER was moving in while time didn't flow then he would qualify. Moving without time was the main issue brought up since speed would be undefined in that situation as opposed to infinite. According to the Speed page at least.

      Of course, you could argue it out on the thread if you want but seeing as you're busy, you could probably just prep a CRT for after the move to re-upgrade him. The thread is mostly for removing the people that scale to those feats and slowly re-applying the legit ones.

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    • Have a bit of time, on break, so I'm checking in. Idk why it's even a issue.

      Wouldn't the fact that time erase itself is instant in real time, to the point both the past and future can overlap for a moment be enough? Completely ignoring that it's truly timeless and all that shit, performing an action in a timeframe that can be qualified as "instant" should be enough. Idk why the thread is ignoring all the context surrounding it or how it functions in action.

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  • Will add to this tomorrow, just setting it up.

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  • ‘Just now, the Sovereign of Frost didn’t die when its heart was pierced.’

    There was a good chance it’d be the same story for this Sovereign of Plagues, too.

    In that case – since he had no idea where this creature’s weakness was, he might as well continue to attack until he found it. Jin-Woo got even closer until he was within touching distance to the Queen of Insects and gripped his shortswords real tight.

    ‘Violent Slash!’


    The blades rained down like buckshots on the Queen of Insects and turned the creature’s entire body into a torn rag in an instant.


    However, the maggots wiggled and tangled with each other inside the monster’s body to quickly restore its body.


    It wasn’t a problem, though. If it possessed an ability to regenerate its body, then all he had to do was continuously pour out attacks that surpassed the rate of regeneration. That was all.

    Jin-Woo chased after the Queen of Insects being knocked back and activated the skill, ‘Violent Slash’, over and over again.

    Dududududu!! Dududududu!!


    The ‘Kamish’s Wraths’, carrying the jet-black aura, fired out without a single break like a gun with infinite ammo.


    He activated ‘Violent Slash’ with all his might, repeatedly, until he completely disintegrated every little bit of flesh that the Queen of Insects could potentially regenerate.

    And eventually….

    [You have killed one of the Nine Sovereigns, the Sovereign of Plagues, ‘Querehsha’.]

    [Level up!]

    [Level up!]

    [Level up!]

    Term like "entire body turn into a rag in an instant" mean what?

    That is basically the Monarchs level of regeneration feat which they all share and the best portrayal of it in the novel

    He had to basically disintegrate every little bit of flesh that she had which she could use to potentially regenerate in order to kill her for good.

    At what level you will put it?

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  • " Even as his entire body shook, Jinwoo did not look away from its gaze .

    Finally, the statue’s raised sword fell down towards him .

    ‘Just one more, if I had just one more chance!’

    Jinwoo’s eyes widened at the falling sword .

    It was in that moment .

    tickticktick tick tick   tick tick tick            tick… .

    As if someone had pressed the pause button on a video, the falling sword stopped before his eyes .

    No, not stopped .

    Slowed to a crawl, almost as if it was stopped .

    Millimeter by millimeter, the sword was definitely still coming down at him .


    He could not hide his surprise .

    Then, a female voice he had never heard before in his life rang throughout his head .

    [You have fulfilled all conditions of the ‘Secret Quest: The Weak One’s Courage’ . ]

    Secret quest? Fulfilled all conditions?

    He had no idea what it was saying .

    ‘No, before that, where is that voice coming from?’

    Ignoring his thoughts, the voice continued .

    [You’ve obtained the right to become a Player .  Do you accept?]

    Obtained the right? Accept?

    ‘It sounds like it’s giving me something…’

    Growing up in poverty, he knew there was no such thing as free in life .

    ‘But I supposed that was in life .  What does any of it matter in death?’

    “ . . . ”

    As he waited in hesitation, the voice in his head asked again .

    [You do not have much allowed time remaining .  In the case the right is refused, your heart will stop in 0 . 02 seconds .  Do you accept?] "

    That event on the novel can be interpreted as time manipulation (time slowing) right or perception manipulation (where time move far slower in his perception)

    That line where his heart will stop at 0.02 seconds after being fatally stabbed in the heart, implie a time slowing IMO

    What do you think

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    • Then that's time slow.

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    • Planck69 wrote:
      Then that's time slow.

      I have a question, which type of acausality gave you time manipulation resistance by default?

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  • About Hypnos, do you know where does Matter/Causality/Time/Spatial Manip comes from? Ive finished the Hypnos story but couldnt find any mentions of him using those kind of powers. Is it because he transcends those?

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    • Alright, thanks

      Also, how many Gates there are? Ive heard about there being infinite but Im not sure

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    • Depends on interpretation but they're either an unknown number above 2 or infinite.

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  • What would this Cosmology be tier as.

    10^505 Universes float through a 5-D Bulk, each Universe contains timelines of every possibility, which exist, though only one is fully manifested in each Universe. These Universes have entirely disconnected timelines.

    Beyond this Bulk is Akasha, an infinitely vast 7-D expanse with countless (but not infinite) other Bulks, though these can function by so.ewhat different physical laws. Though are still combatible.

    This is transcended by the Noumenoun, which holds an infinite degree of such realms. And contains beings that .ust send Avatars in order to interact with it. All of this is in one Bigger Layer

    This is transcended (Reality Fiction Transcendence) by another Layer that views it as fiction, and contains an infinite amount of variations of the lower Layer. They also see all points in time in each of those Realms simultaniously, like a static picture. They are also abstract conceptual beings that are the wellspring of concelts and phenomena as they are understood in a World. With their concept manifesting somewhat differently in each Realm. This Layer is simplier and not as demarcated.

    This continues on infinitely, each Layer growing more and more abstract, with the Beings becoming less and less conciouss, possessing less and less identity with each Layer.

    The Atziluth is so high that no matter how many Layers you have you cannot reach it, and it contains the most fundamental and abstract concepts imaginable. So that other (infinitely many) Atziluths and the Chains of Reality born from them are literally incomprehensible to us no matter how deeply or how long we think. It has an uncountably infinite amount of these Chains.

    Beyond even that is the Heirarchy, which to fully understand you have to start from the top. The Atzmus is an Absolute Whole, and it split i to two beings (but still exists with them becuase acausal and beyond time), these beings seperated into 4, which turned into 16. Wuji becomes Lyiangyi, Lyiangyi becomes Baguya, Baguya becomes the Trigrams, Trigrams become Hexagrams, and so on. This continues on infitely, which each one becoming progressively "Lower", with each transcending the Lower level by the same Degree an Atziluth transcends the lowest Layer of a Chain.

    The Atzmus is boundlessly beyond any and all extentions of this Heirarchy.

    I would be thankful if you could give your opinion on the Tiering.

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    • I'm back, so you can say what you have to say on my 2nd to Last Comment,

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    • Atzmus: Exists boundlessly beyond any and all extentions of the Heirarchy. It is an Absolute beyond all mathematical models, for even Absolute Infinity is but a shadow of its being.

      Heirarchy: Beyond all extentions of the Atziluth, it is its own infinite heirarchy, with each level transcending the last to a degree comprable to how teh Atziluth transcends the Void.

      Atziluth: Beyond any and all extentions of the Chain, and it is the wellspring of all Ideas, Laws, and Concepts. It is a Platonic Realm beyond time and space. It is not layered, but stretched infinitely upward becoming more and more transcendent in a Gradient.

      Chain: A series of infinite Layers, each of which has a Reality-Fiction Transcendence over the Layer below it. Gradually becomes more and more Abstract.

      Layer: Each Layer has a Reality-Fiction Transcendce over the last, and has infinite layers directly below it, each of which becoming their own Chains.

      Noumenon: 11-D Realm transcending Akasha, and co taining infintely many Akasha each of which have slightly differing physical laws engrained on their Foundation.

      Akasha: 7-D Realm, Contains countless, endlessly expnaing Bulks, which randomly generate throughout it like bubbles.

      Bulk: 5-D Realm, Made up of innumerable Worlds, each of which containg countless, endlessly expanding (but never infinite) timelines.

      World: Made up of all possible Timelines spreading out from its Genesis, each of which a Universe.

      Void: An 0-D Abyss of nonexistance below the Chain in its entirety.

      Does this answer your question?

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