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  • Is there a place I can talk about these things since you said I cant ask for content revisions. I'd like to discuss my scaling.

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  • Can we at least explain why True Names aren't 1-A simply for being able to erase someone from time and space. He seems confused on what 1-A actually is and what qualifies for it.

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  • I would appreciate it if you can send me a message at my fanfiction account, it is important.

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  • But when can you change ?

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  • For Magladroth:

    "Created a seemingly infinite space within its prison on Mars."

    I saw the infinite part, moreso, is the space itself referring to this:

    ''They walked for what felt like an age, winding through serpentine passages and multicoloured galleries of translucent stalagmites, and across glittering bridges of smooth crystal. Dalia wondered what manner of internal geological transformation could alter so great a portion of the subterranean landscape.

    “Geological metamorphosis I’d imagine,” said Zouche. “Aeons of pressure and heat can cause some rock types to change their state. Looks like that’s what’s happened here.”

    No, realised Dalia, that’s not it at all. It’s something buried here that’s leaching outwards.''

    “You know where the Dragon is?” demanded Dalia. “Can you take us to it?”

    Semyon laughed, a high-pitched skirling sound of hysteria. “Take you to it? Doesn’t she know it’s all around her, that she walks in the throat of the Dragon even now? Ha!”

    “This fellow’s mad,” declared Zouche. “Too much time alone has broken his brain.”

    “No,” said Dalia with steely conviction. “This isn’t the Dragon. Take us to it. Now!”

    Her friends turned at the commanding tone of her voice and even Semyon blinked in surprise. His eyes narrowed and he peered more closely at Dalia, as if seeing her for the first time.

    Semyon grinned and nodded, pulling the hood of his robes over the wispy strands of his hair. “Very well,” he said, all hint of his former mania vanished. “Follow me and I will show you the Dragon.”

    Semyon and his threatening-looking servitor led them from the laboratory, through the darkened passageway at the far end of the chamber, and into a winding series of tunnels. The gloom soon gave way to a soft light that once again seemed to come from the walls.

    The walls here were also smooth, but instead of having the look of fused glass, these tunnels appeared to be fashioned from purest silver. With purposeful strides, Semyon led them through the twisting labyrinth of the incredible tunnels, apparently taking turns at random, but refusing to answer any questions as to their route.

    Zouche jabbed his elbow into Dalia’s side. “Wherever this takes us, remember what we talked about on the mag-lev,” he cautioned.

    “What was that?” asked Caxton.

    “Nothing,” said Dalia. “Just Zouche being paranoid.”

    “Paranoid am I?” smiled Zouche. “Remind me of that when this Dragon’s devouring you, Dalia. See how paranoid I am then, eh?”

    Eventually, Semyon brought them out onto a wide ledge high up in a glittering cavern of blinding silver that put Dalia in mind of the hollow core of the planet, such was its size. It was the largest internal space any of them had ever seen or could imagine, the uttermost reaches soaring above and below them, and the shimmering walls curving out to either side of them like the largest amphitheatre ever conceived.

    “Behold the Dragon!” cried Semyon, moving to stand before a wooden lectern that was incongruous for its very normality. A thick book with a worn leather binding sat atop the lectern, next to a simple quill and inkwell.

    Dalia looked out over the vast expanse of silver that was the interior of the cave, halfexpecting to see some winged beast launch itself from its lair.

    She glanced over at Caxton and Rho-mu 31, who both shrugged, both equally as puzzled as her. Severine shuffled forward to the edge of the jutting promontory they stood on, her eyes with a glazed, faraway look.

    “Severine, watch out,” cautioned Zouche, looking over the edge. “It’s a long way down.”

    “This place feels… strange,” said Severine, a tremor of disquiet in her voice. “Do any of the rest of you feel that?”

    Dalia saw Severine looking in confusion at the distant walls of the gargantuan cavern, blinking rapidly and shaking her head as though trying to dislodge a troublesome thought.

    “If the Dragon is chained somewhere in here, I expect it’s bound to feel a little strange,” said Dalia. She squinted at the far off walls, though their unbroken, reflective sheen made it hard to focus properly.

    “No,” insisted Severine, pointing with her good arm at the vast shimmering silver walls and roof. “It’s more than that. The angles and the perspective… they’re… all… wrong! Look!”

    As though Severine’s words had unlocked some hidden aspect of the cavern, each of them cried out as the sheer impossibility of its geometry, previously concealed from their frail human senses, was suddenly and horrifyingly revealed.

    Dalia blinked in confusion as a sudden wave of vertigo seized her, and she grasped Rhomu 31’s arm to steady herself. Though her eyes told her that the walls of the cavern were impossibly distant, her brain could not mesh what she was seeing and what her mind was processing.

    The angles were impossible, the geometry insane. Distance was irrelevant and perspective a lie. Every rule of normality was turned upside down in an instant and the natural order of the universe was overthrown in this new, terrifying vision of distorted reality. The cavern seemed to pulse in every direction at once, compressing and contracting in unfeasible ways, moving as rock was never meant to move.

    This was no cavern. Was this entire space, the walls and floor, the air and every molecule within it, part of some vast intelligence, a being or construct of ancient malice and phenomenal, primeval power? Such a thing had no name; for what use would a being that had brought entire civilisations into existence and then snuffed them out on a whim have of a name? It had been abroad in the galaxy for millions of years before humanity had been a breath in the creator’s mouth, had drunk the hearts of stars and been worshipped as a god in a thousand galaxies

    It was everywhere and nowhere at once. All powerful and trapped at the same time''

    Are you referring to these quotes? They were in some sort of extradimensional zone as they entered the Mouth of the Dragon?

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    • I'm assuming that's what they're referng to. Because there isn't any other mention that I could find about the Void Dragon doing anything similar.

      And yeah it's just the extradimensional chamber of the Void Dragon.

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    Could you please give your input about this upgrade, if its acceptable or not.

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    • Ogbunabali wrote:
      I'm not familiar with either of the characters.

      okay thank you for your time

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    • No problem.

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  • Hey, Ogbunabali, can you comments here because it is best to have more staffs inputs for an evaluation?

    Thanks in advance, Ogbunabali .

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    Julius Novachrono from Black Clover defeats Merlin from Nanatsu no Taizai 8 votes to 0. Grace already ended many hours ago. This thread probably needs to be closed, then? IDK, but I just want to be the informant here.

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