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  • Hello, I would just like to know the size that The Immortal Astral Continent of Renegade Immortal could have since I see that Wang Lin comes out after his star systems, Sealed Realm, Outer Realm and Cave World, to reach The Immortal Astral Continent which is said to be much more massive than all combined

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  • Just wanted to ask in a match with SBA's, what ability this dude would start with

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  • Imagine being so invisible than other invisibles, you become the invisibilest 

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    • Um, hi? XD

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    • Hoi. Saying this cuz I saw someone with your name reading invisible dragon the other day

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    • Oh lol. If you saw someone with my profile pic and the name "Nepuko" in the comment sections of Ensj site, in Invisible Dragon, then that would be me ^^. Probably.

      And yea. Insible Dragon is Invinsible. His Super Self-Destruction Evasion is unavoidable man.

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    • Nepuko wrote:
      Oh lol. If you saw someone with my profile pic and the name "Nepuko" in the comment sections of Ensj site, in Invisible Dragon, then that would be me ^^. Probably.

      And yea. Insible Dragon is Invinsible. His Super Self-Destruction Evasion is unavoidable man.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Can you give your opinion regarding this blog? thanks

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  • Hello.

    This statistics change does not seem to make any sense, as it only updated the tier, and not the attack potency:

    Also, what is the reason for it?

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  • Can you give your input here? Thanks

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  • How powerful is being beyond cardinality, mathematics, physics, logics and the perspectives of change

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  • "Zhu Yi nodded his head gently. His expression was calm as he clapped his hands together. In the Hidden Dragon Gorge, Zhu Yi began to absorb different forms of spiritual energy. Before him, another tiny world was formed. Immediately, he trapped Xiao Budian, who had just escaped from the Great Boundaries of the Celestial Light and Darkness Mandala into it.

    Xiao Budian's eyebrows jumped as he looked skywards. The stars in this universe were hurtling towards the ground as they morphed into comets that sought to smash against his head.

    He then looked down as he realized the very earth was breaking apart. Giant crevices began to appear as a yawning canyon grew bigger and bigger, as if it wanted to swallow Xiao Budian whole.

    A flood roared towards him, its waves were as high as the heaven itself. It galloped and roared towards Xiao Budian. At the same time, an endless inferno burned around him as they enveloped Xiao Budian.

    A screaming wind, completely black, descended from the sky like a dancing, black dragon. At the same time, lightning and thunder crackled in the sky as they bolted towards Xiao Budian.

    Gigantic mountains trembled and crumbled in a magnificent landslide, as they apparently sought to crush Xiao Budian underneath themselves.

    Scars and crevices appeared on the ground underneath Xiao Budian, as they turned into swamps and muddy fields that seemed to go on forever. They sought to drag Xiao Budian down below.

    In this tiny world, the heavens and earth churned. Fire and water clashed. The wind and thunder came together and the mountains and rivers up-ended each other.

    In this world, it seemed like the apocalypse itself had came. Endless amount of disaster and dangers appeared and they all surged towards Xiao Budian.

    "You ranked first amongst all disciples in terms of understanding about the our sect's secrets about creation itself," laughed Xiao Budian fearlessly, "However, to say that you could defeat me with these stuff, aren't you underestimating my abilities?"

    Saying that, Xiao Budian's entire body trembled with wind and thunder. Then, he transformed into the Form of the Thunderstorm Demon and God about two meters high. It punched the strong gale and thunder, stomped the inferno and flood. It strode past the crevices and canyons on the ground as if they were flat ground and it did not even seem to care about the comets in the sky.

    The mountains that were collapsing towards it were destroyed by him in one punch.

    All forms of disasters were unable to overcome Xiao Budian. With every step he took, the tiny world trembled.

    At the end, blood coursed ceaselessly through Xiao Budian's body, blazingly hot like the sun itself. It illuminated an entire corner of the world.

    From the space, Zhu Yi's voice could be heard, calm and collected, "I have never underestimated you."

    With that, two rays of black and white appeared in the small world, merging with the latter's elements.

    XIao Budian did not realize something abnormal about it, but soon he realized that something additional had entered this small world that Zhu Yi had created.

    Day and night.

    The power of the light transformed into day, while the power of night transformed into night. Day and light exchanged non-stop. A sense of time appeared to have entered this world.

    Time within this world was different from time outside, however. In the span of only a breath, it appeared that one day had passed. It was too fast for someone to even catch it, and if one were to be careless one would appear to have missed a few days within this tiny world.

    To Xiao Budian, this was nothing. However, what was terrifying for Xiao Budian was the fact that the elemental attacks against Xiao Budian within the world sped up, till he could almost not react against them.

    However, as soon as he regained his senses, he realized that half of his body had been stuck within the ground as floodwater gurgled over his head. Comets and asteroids struck against his head like rain.-" What tier would this be?

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    • Would you have a Discord, by chance?

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    • Yes

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Anyhow, the feat isn't that much higher than 7-C, so not worth it.

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