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    • Noticed right after posting....

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    • Lol.

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  • So I want to hear from you the reasons for DBS Goku be 2B with immeasurable speed and Xeno Goku being 1C and how can Saitama be just country level

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    • Ionliosite wrote:

      Lord JJJ wrote: 5) Beat's World is just the future of the DB timeline, with Beat himself being a distant descendent of Goku

      I hate when people quote World Mission on this, because it directly contradicts the arcade constantly showing that Beat's World sees the DBH Multiverse as fiction. Nevertheless, it's never shown as a higher place, so that isn't enough for Tier 1, but the fact people keep using something that's totally contradicted by every single mission of the arcade as evidence is just stupid.

      Doesn't beat also leave in Satan City?

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    • Can you say that in proper English? From what I understood you mean "Doesn't Beat also live in Satan City", in which case, no, the the map shown on the arcade is very clearly Japan's.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I deleted it; it should not a page but it can be a blog so you posted it here.

    Here is your source code below:

    == '''Beerus absorbed a expolsion:'''
    In this thread, i will be explaining lore behind Beerus's absorption of the expolsion:
    Firstly, when Beerus's Orb and Goku's Kamehameha clashed, it created a explosion and Beerus absorbed that explosion to create his Sphere of Destruction.
    This is substainated by these scans and statements:
    ''The universe would have turned into a empty void, of course, this is presupposed by the Elder Kai and this is an amped SS post SSG Goku'' 
    The explosion actually entered through a different space - time contiuums, but absorbed it so that it wouldn't take full effect.'' ''
    ''You can clearly see that the impact reduces when you go further in the video, which suggests the explosion didn't take full effect as you see with Vegeta while in Earth.''
    ''If it entered the Kaioshin's atmosphere and had fully taken impact, they would have insta died, solely due to the fact that it had the attack potentcy to do so.''
    <gallery orientation="square">
    <gallery orientation="square">
    BillsUltimate1.png|Beerus normally forms two large orbs to create one.
    Screenshot_2020-02-17-17-14-36-1.png|Hokum shocked to see how Beerus had any ki reserves after the explosion.
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