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  • I made a profile for Cosmos (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic IDW), who I'm pretty sure is the most powerful being in the entire MLP franchise. Just letting you know in case you want to take a look at her profile or make any matches (I know she has more power than anyone in the show itself at least, but I was thinking of one day pitting her original power against full power Tirek with the Bewitching Bell, because as powerful as she is, she should still be vulnerable to hax such as the BB or Chrysalis's magic negating throne).

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  • What do you think about making a profile for Cosmos? The villainess from the IDW comics? She's much more powerful than even Discord.

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  • Prince Pharynx vs no longer queen Chrysalis

    I have been wondering for a while now who would win between these two. After post metamorphosis Thorax, they should be the two strongest changelings. Pharynx's evolved form is clearly different to establish him as the kingdom's number two, and Chrysalis is likely still stronger than the other evolved changelings. Pharynx is also more abrasive than the other evolved changelings. You are quite a big MLP fan, so I thought I'd ask you if you wanted to weigh in.

    I was also thinking of making a thread pitting both Pharynx and Thorax together against her post Bewitching Bell. What do you think, if the two brothers teamed up and went 2 on one against her, could they have a shot, or is it not even worth debating?

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    • You know how strong I think Betwitching Bell Chrysalis is. They don't stand a chance against her. Now against normal Chrysalis? She gets mid diffed by either one. Thorax was already overpowering her with what he got from his love. If Pharnyx is remotely comparable to him (Which he is since it's on the profile), he won't have much more problems.

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  • Hello.

    You seem to have messed up the editing structures of some My Little Pony pages.

    Please follow the instructions linked below to fix them all. Thank you.

    Common Editing Mistakes

    Standard Format for Character Profiles

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  • Can you please give input on this CRT?

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  • I dropped in to apologize for any possible hurt feelings from our previous discussions. I guess we can agree to disagree on our respective stances on Cozy Glow.

    I also wanted to ask you something: When you deleted the possible fear of ursines from Fizzlepop's article, the thing is, I'm the one who added that, and I know it's from the non canon comics, but, thinking about it realistically, it could be possible that she would have that same fear in canon, considering what happened to her as a child. That's why I listed it as a "possible" fear. I know it was only actually shown in the non canon spinoff material, but I don't think it would be surprising if she were to have this fear in canon (yes, I know the show is ending and we are never going to see her interact with one again in canon, but that's beside the point). I decided to add it in as a "possible" weakness since it certainly wouldn't be out of the question considering how trauma works (to give you a personal example of trauma, I am to this day terrified of underwater levels in videogames simply because of those metal sharks in the Spyro series that instantly ate you in one bite even if you were at full health, were way faster than you, and couldn't be killed by conventional attacks. It's to the point where I physically can't play underwater levels and have to force my mom to do it for me just so I can continue the game).

    What I'm asking is, what do you think of adding in something a character MAY be afraid of considering an experience they had with the thing in particular? I saw The Judge (Ace Attorney) with a possible fear of explosions in his weakness section because of a bombing he was nearly killed in, so I figured it was acceptable to list possible fears a character may have given a particular experience they had, and she did have a pretty traumatic experience. What do you think?

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    • Welp, sorry it took so long to comment, but it'd not that big a deal to me. We had a disagreement on Cozy Glow. That's about it. Nothing serious in my opinion.

      As per everything else, yeah I guess I'd be realistic, but that isn't really enough for me. I would very much prefer it were implied by the work itself.  

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    • Well, in general, what do you think of the idea of listing "possible" weaknesses? I've seen that listed on other profiles throughout this wiki. I was thinking of starting a discussion thread on Fizzlepop for that (a revision thread in general seems like a good idea, since her 4-B AP should only be for her Obsidian Bombs and Magic Bursts. Her physical blows should only be country level).

      Also, it turns out you were right about the petrification thing. Jim Miller stated a few days ago "Don't worry about Cozy Glow, she's fine, just in suspended animation". So she and the others didn't get the And I Must Scream treatment. Still, given Discord's line of "Together forever", I would like to get clarification on whether that's supposed to make it a given that she will stay like that literally forever no ifs ands or buts, or if that doesn't guarantee anything and it's intentionally left up to the viewers to speculate if she could ever possibly be given the chance Discord was (I don't see that being likely with Tirek and especially not Chrysalis who was the most unrepentant of the three, was the one who threatened to rip off Spike's wings, was the one who talked them out of reforming, and was the one who wanted the windigos to freeze over Equestria so that she and the others could play hero and rule over the survivors), however, Cozy still seems like a possible candidate for redemption due to her young age. A simple "It's not a guarantee and it's left open to speculation" would suffice for me. If you go with the idea that Luster and her friends will become the next heroes of Equestria, I could see that potentially being done with her, though probably not the others (while Tirek did love his grandmother and had enough decency to catch a bird after it was blown away, his actions are still too atrocious to make him sympathetic).

      Anyway, what do you think about my idea for a thread on Fizzlepop?

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  • You’ve got a Discord so we can exchange info about some of the ongoing MLP feats? Seems you’ve got one with Darkanine and other members.

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  • Gan is mostlikely high 1-A  or tier 0 although i need to ask. the current tier 0s are tier 0 cuz of they are the strongest in t heir own respective verse and cannot be comprehend by the 2nd strongest in the verse. like what ultima said transcending or going up a a higher layer of low 1-A is like how low 1-A transscends the rest from the lower. 

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  • Hello!

    Since option 3 and 4 were added, I was asked by Ant to check whether you maintain your vote for Option 1 or not, as the majority did that before we introduced 3 and 4.

    Option 3 :

    • 1-C remains unchanged
      • The current 1-B becomes Low 1-B
      • The current High 1-B becomes 1-B
      • High 1-B becomes the tier for up to uncountably infinite higher planes/dimensions/stuff
      • Low 1-A: More or less a better defined current "baseline" Outerversal, up to any finite number of higher levels above it.
      • 1-A: Infinite Outerversal Hierarchies. Though it doesn't necessarily have to be layers/levels, sheer power/size equivalent to this also qualifies
      • High 1-A: Denoting characters who exist above Outerversal hierarchies altogether, and lie beyond any scale.
      • 0 becomes a tier for all-encompassing characters who exist fully beyond the scope of the rest of the system.

    It's basically the higher tiers of Option 1, but without the disadvantage of compressing the lower tiers.

    TL;DR : Option 3 = Option 1 Outerversal and above tiers + Option 2 lower tiers.

    Option 4 :

    • 1-C and 1-B are unchanged
      • Low 1-A becomes the tier for uncountably infinite dimensions
      • 1-A remains baseline Outerversal and up
      • High 1-A becomes the tier for transcending outerversal hierarchies
      • 0 remains the same as the above
    • Outerverse level has its definition changed from primarily being about existing "beyond-dimensionality" to existing in abstract states of being which cannot be reached by stacking lesser infinities together. Simpler + more straightforward.
    • The higher parts of the system itself start to have a defined metric as well, namely, Aleph Numbers. To give you a brief primer on what they are and how they work, I'd need to establish some important distinctions here: Primarily, one between Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers.

    New thread :

    You can also see the total vote count in my last post there.

    Sorry to bother.

    Have a nice day!

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    • I should firstly note the latter part of this explanation is not necessarily 100% mathematically accurate to the metric the new system uses, but it's a simplified version that should be relatively easy to understand and gets the point across fairly well, all things considered.

      k so, the new system measures size by equating the scope of whatever structures we encounter in fiction to successive powers of R (the real number line, pretty much)

      R ^ 1 = 1-dimensional space = Real Number Line = R

      R ^ 2 = 2-dimensional space = R * R

      R ^ 3 = 3-dimensional space = R * R * R

      R ^ 4 = 4-dimensional space = R * R * R * R

      We equate each new multiplication of R here with uncountably infinite greater sizes, for the purposes of the system.

      After all of this, comes R ^ R, which is basically R multiplied by itself an uncountably infinite number of times, and represents an uncountably infinite number of dimensions or higher-order whatevers.

      After that comes baseline Outerversal, which can be denoted as R ^ R ^ R, which is effectively repeating the same process which led to R ^ R all over again, pretty much re-iterating the entire system on a far greater scale. That's why "muh perspectives" or "lmao i transcend this guy as much as he transcends hyoomans" doesn't mean much in the new system and only equates to a single higher level unto Outerversal unless you have some really good additional context.

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    • Ultima Reality wrote:

      That's why "muh perspectives" or "lmao i transcend this guy as much as he transcends hyoomans" doesn't mean much in the new system and only equates to a single higher level unto Outerversal unless you have some really good additional context.

      What sort of context pray tell?

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  • Hello. I noticed that you've upgraded MLP's speed to MFTL+, with the help of your Storm King calc. However I'd like to let you know that there is a slight error in your calc: You cut the circumference of a circle with a radius of 1 in half, instead of using the arc length of a hamisphere.

    The formula for a hemisphere's arc length is a = π*r, where a is the arc length and r is the radius. Because the radius is 1 AU, this makes the circle π AU.

    0.07 seconds / π AU ≈ 44.8798951 au/s

    That's 22,395 c, or still MFTL+ but very slightly lower. 

    Just letting you know for the future. Here's the site I got that from:

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