I don’t normally check my wall, so sorry if it might take days or even a week for me to reply.

August 22 2019: I'll be gone I'll probably come back in a year and then maybe some. Best of luck to everyone (and I mean it I waited 6 months for a book volume to come and it's been over a 1 year already and I haven't read it because I wanted to save it for a rainy day. I'll block you all from my mind!), but I feel as though I could do more outside if I just let this go. I've read so much, played so much, and watched a lot of stuff some of which almost made cry and some which truly touched me starting from June 26 of last year. To my surprise I also learned actually hatred thanks to some characters (Cough Nya Cough Louise). It truly gave me a awakening and made me realize there's a lot out there and I want to do a few of those things and experience them. So thank you all comrades and see ya.

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