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  • ”That is how Transcendental Self-Consciousness works. From now on, the statuses of Ruphas instantly turn into a state of infinity, and infinities continue to be displayed at any level, regardless of the height taken, no matter how complex and large the cosmic structure is, Ruphas will still be truly infinite on any of these planes of existence, they, their complexity and quantity, in principle, means nothing to her.

    First Thing I have read her explanations.More than once.The "Cosmic Structure" in this quote is 1-B.How exactly do you use this analogy for the infinities in the 1-A layers

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    • Do you have the original japanese version for that quote?

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    • 振るう力は互いに無限。相手の無限を己の無限で上回り、それを更に超えていく。 ビッグバンだのビッグクランチだの、そんな小さい攻撃は最早使わない。意味がない。 技に名前など要らず、どこまでも純化させた力だけをぶつけ合う。


      ルファスがどこまでも速くなり続け、速さそのものが光速で乗倍し続けているように際限なく上昇する。しかしアロヴィナスはそれを遥か置き去りにした速度で加速し、だが次の瞬間にはルファスが同じ事をやり返している。 ルファスが不可説不可説転の力で殴れば、アロヴィナスは不可説不可説転に不可説不可説転を乗じた力で殴り、ルファスは更にそこにまた乗じて殴り返す。お前の無限など私の前では1にも満たないと言い張れば、今度は相手がその上の世界へ立つ。互いに相手を踏み台にし、自分の最強設定を押し通そうとする。 この攻防でどれだけ上の位階へ達しているかなど二人共考えていない。

      "Each attack power is infinite, Surpass your opponent's infinity with your infinity and transcends that. Big Bang, Big crunch, such weak attacks is completely meaningless, this skill doesnt need a name, but this power that has been refined as much as possible clash with each other.

      "I'm Stronger, i'm stronger than that, and more stronger."

      Ruphas keeps getting faster as the Speed itself continues to multipliy at the speed of light, and keep increasing indefinitely. However, Alovenas move at the speed that left it far behind but the next moment Ruphas did the same thing. If Ruphas has Incomprehensible power, Alovenas beats it with Multiplied Incomprehensible power, and Ruphas beats it again. If your infinity is one less than mine, then your opponents will stand in the world above. Use your opponent as stepping stone and create your strongest settings. Don't even think about how high you have reached in this fight"

      ~Chapter 187

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