~ Like the moon, an enigma
Lost and alone in the night
Damned by some heavenly stigma
But blazing with light! ~

~ It's the feeling of being alive!
Filled with evil but truly alive!
It's the truth that cannot be denied!
It's the feeling of being
Edward Hyde! ~

- Alive, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll &  Mr. Hyde

"If there is light and dark, or rather good and evil, all I want is to dwell in the neutrality that mixes both."

NOTE: March 22, 2018. L i E.

July 28, 2018. L i E, A.

I hate my work, but I'm in control
I'm fearless now, but it cost my soul
Save yourselves, the moon is full
Under its power, gravitational pull
Blood red lips, they shake like leaves
You're flesh and blood, but what's underneath?
It's alright to scream,
I'm screaming too.
Why'd you think I do the things I do?
For shadows haunted me like ghosts,
So I became what I feared the most.
I conduct fear like electricity -
A man-made monstrosity.
- Killer // The Hoosiers
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