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  • I live in the very edge of the afterlife itself
  • I was born on January 21
  • My occupation is Drunk Vampire Hunter
  • I am drunk at the moment
Dante DMC5

It's been a long time, old one!

Greetings <insert name here>, how are you ?

Since you're visiting my wall, how about we talk a bit ? Feel free to ask what you want about any verse that I know, or even random things, because I like to talk you know XD

These are the verses that I can give input:

- Devil May Cry (Games, novels and mangas)

- Castlevania (Games and Netflix series, Classic Timeline only)

- Mortal Kombat (Both Timelines, all games)

- DOOM (Doom 1, 2, 3 and 2016)

- Resident Evil (Games and movies)

- Halo (Games only)

- Dragon Ball (Classic, Z, GT, Super, both anime and manga)

- Naruto (Manga and Boruto only)

- Vampire Hunter D (First novels and both movies)

- The Witcher (Books and 3rd Game)

I know more but only these are within my interest here in the wiki

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  • Hey there! Sorry to bother, but I remember you mentioned you were  working on CRT about the Belmont's Regeneration Negation. Could you let me know here when it's up? I'm sorry to ask, but due to several IRL stuff going on I am pretty short on time so I can't actively browse the forums forums for now.

    Thanks, dude. Take care!

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  • Hey Dante!

    I recently rewatched the show in preparation for S3 xD, and I noticed a feat at the end of Episode 6 I believe right before the Castle invasion.

    Sypha created a giant Ice platform and used it as an elevator from the bottom of the Belmont home all the way to the top. She then lifted that entire pillar and threw it away a considerably long distance. So do you think this feat is calcable? It seemed impressive to me tbh.

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    • Hahaha thanks and np mate! And yes, Isaac might get some interesting battles in the near future, we'll see XD

      Add me on discord if you want to talk more, it is listed on my bio o/

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    • I sent you a request on Discord XD.

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    • Just a reminder Oliver, on the Empowerment part

      While it's a part of the text to explain the DT Gauge, it isn't game mechanic

      The DT Gauge is the application of this power for gameplay purposes, which doesn't simply discard the Empowerment 

      Also, the scans talks about demons in general mentioning that this comes from the Underworld (talking about its people), not only Dante, and we know that they don't have a Devil Trigger in canon 

      Make sure to put this on the OP

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  • Thread:4095969

    Mostly discussing Netflix Castlevania

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  • I was just passing by and wanted to check on you, how is life with ya?

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    • Yo Zero o/

      Well, my vacation is over, college restarted this week and my free time decreased a lot, but I must admit I missed the good old routine tho, so I'm fine, I guess

      And you ?

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  • Sup Dante, I came to inquire something.

    Have you thought about possibly doing a Nobility Phisiology page to avoid some of the clutter in the VHD pages? That way you could have resistances and powers better organized, only have to link a single page if any new profiles that would garner the page are made, the P&A would be easier to navigate, and all that good stuff. There are already pages like this for stuff like Servant Physiology page, or the Phenomena Intervention page for Blazblue.

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  • Did you miss this?: , Mind ManipulationSoul Manipulation (Can handle going through the crust of the demon world, which is stated to turn souls into monsters)

    It isn't in Dante's profile anymore

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  • Do you have a discord? One in profile doesn't work

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  • Can't comment on new one but just letting you know that a new one has been made.

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