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    I updated the Calculation, could give your opinion on the result and if it is or no Outlier ?

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  • CNBA3 wrote:
    Living or not, it doesn’t matter,

    Umm yeah, yeah it kinda does. Maybe you didn't realize but Ur being alive as Ice Shell was the our point of contention. Me pointing out other magics that are not alive do matter as what counts as alive was the whole disagreement.

    as long as it constitutes to the continuation and/or creation of life then that definitely still applies.

    Contributing to the creation/continuation of life does not make something alive. The very much dead fish I just had for dinner contributes to the continuation of my life but that doesn't mean its alive.

    Yes Natsu’s Fire is alive

    Your previous sentence begs to differ

    since all magic is alive being born from it’s source “Love”.

    It isn't alive and isn't born from love at all. Are you sure you are still talking about magic?

    Life is born of love.

    Thats a very idealistic and romantic point of view but no it isn't.

    It is no different from celestial spirits

    It is very different. Campfire =/= Living person 

    since they are part of magic as well,

    No they aren't. Being a magical being does not make you part of magic.

    to not be part of that is something that would be not love

    It isn't part of whatever you are spouting and it wouldn't be love anyway. What does love even have to do with anything?

    and life would not be born.

    Life would still be born regardless of love which, again, has nothing to do with magic or life.

    In essence, Iced Shell is not a suicide move,

    But it is though

    because that would mean killing oneself,

    It does as the user no longer fulfils the prerequisites that define being alive

    as she becomes the ice itself and is still alive even to this day as the very essence of the ocean.

    Iced Shell turns a users body into ice to seal away a target. They turn into ICE. Don't even bother responding to everything above and answer the question below. It'll save us both some time and tell me what I need to know.

    If a rat was transmuted to gold, is it still alive? Please answer 'Yes' or 'No' .

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    • What you said, copy 'n pasted from the message you just sent.

      "I have been saying living matter"

      What I said you said, copy 'n pasted from the previous message I sent.

      "You have been saying it can't affect living matter"

      Explain where we disagree on what you said. Sentient and living are two different things as I've stated multiple times.

      adjective: sentient
      able to perceive or feel things.

      The 7 characteristics of living things that I already told you to look up

      • responsiveness to the environment;
      • growth and change;
      • ability to reproduce;
      • have a metabolism and breathe;
      • maintain homeostasis;
      • being made of cells; and.
      • passing traits onto offspring

      Sentience is one of 7 different things that define a living organism. Iced Shell and Gray's frozen blood fail to meet 5 of these. Natsu's flames fail to meet 6 of these. Celestial Spirits meet all of these. You are arguing sentience = life when it doesn't.

      Unless you change your mind or can come up with some way for Iced Shell to meet these requirements, this will go nowhere. I am unfollowing now but thanks for the debate nonetheless.

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    • It doesn’t matter, she is stated to be alive and that ice is living matter. I don’t know how hard is that to understand, she never died, just transformed into the ice. If Ultear cannot effect it, then it does meet all the requirements needed, if you insist it is not living matter, then Ultear could have effected Iced Shell and Gray’s blood

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello i had a couple questions:

    1 Shouldnt Irenes universe one be calced via KE since she shrank it to 1/20 not destroy it?

    2How exactly scale since its an overtime feat

    3Do you think calculation Deus Sema's power via cloud parting is possible?

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    • 1. it was compression, So the result in Newton equals to joule.

      2. True, it took time to prep, but she is capable of multitasking as she fought Acnologia at the same time. It is not like Piccolos attack which requires 5 minutes of concentration

      3. Maybe, but right now I am too busy to calc more.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • so yeah, i was doing some reading and some thinking i remembered that i had seen before. we DO have much slower verses than fairy tail that have LS or higehr listed in their reactions speed, so maybe the calc wasnt fully useless. just wanted to point that out. one of the more well known ones is black clover btw

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    look at that ch, can you calc it too?

    i want to see if it comparable to natsu feat or not

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi, would u be willing to calc a feat from acnologia from fairy tail?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Are you still going to do the Etherion Calc with magic Confinement

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hiro straight up mentions Magic Confinement


    You should totally make a thread about this

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  • Can you please comment on this thread:

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    • A FANDOM user
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