I do not use Reddit or Discord at all. Whoever are impersonating me there or elsewhere are not me.

Basically, if somebody makes horrible statements or uploads disgusting images it definitely isn't me. It is a bunch of trolls that seem unhealthily obsessed with me.

I am active in this wiki, and have an almost completely inactive old Deviantart account, but that is it.

Also, I am on a lengthy strict diet combined with working long shifts 7 days a week, on top of reading very distressing news, so I am recurrently very tired.

My apologies if I have brought offence to anybody in the wiki by very occasionally letting slip something that does not belong in an uncontroversial environment. I work more than full time with taking care of this community, so since I don't get almost any breaks, it has been hard to keep quiet 100.00% of the time. I have managed to turn better in this regard though.

Also, I am working so hard with taking care of his wiki that I do not have much time left over to be social with other members. This is not because I do not care. I consistently try to help people who approach me in private. I am simply very overworked.

If any staff members have a problem that they wish to talk with me about, please send me a PM. I am almost always willing to listen and try to help out as best as I can.

Also, my apologies to anybody in the wiki who feels that I am being too impatient, irritable, or even disrespectful at times. I am generally trying to be as helpful and polite as I can, but easily get too mentally strained from taxing discussions when I am already juggling many other tasks at the same time, and have a very hard time to keep up. Under such pressure I sometimes want to close threads as soon as possible so I can handle other important work as well. I genuinely don't mean any harm, and am working very hard to be of help to the community, but I definitely have some mental limitations.

Additionally, I do not wish to disrespect the regular members in the wiki by not taking their opinions in consideration during content revisions. I am simply so extremely overworked that I recurrently only have the time to read evaluations from other staff members for the sake of efficiency.

Basically, don't expect me to be perfect just because I am a bureaucrat. I have some serious flaws. I am genuinely doing my best, and think that I manage to be helpful considerably more often than the reverse though.

The greatest flaw in my work is likely that I have a hard time focusing on a single subject for a long time, and easily get mentally strained, annoyed, and impatient from having to engage in prolonged arguments about things that I have already discussed several times before over the years, so I much prefer to let other knowledgeable members handle such issues instead. However, sometimes they are not available, which is a major problem when it happens.

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