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  • Not anyone can get this one:

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  • Nozomi Kaminashi 1 - Keijo
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  • What? It's catchy.
    ~ Ox

    Hey Lex.

    Remember when I asked that I might have needed your calculation expertise on the Nep Threads?

    I need your help...
    ~ Dr Neo Cortex

    I'm going to send you two scans from The Spectacular Spider-Man, and I want to find out two things that are relative to their respective screenshots.

    1. AP/Lifting Strength: For the first one, I want to find out the AP for Spidey, when he lifted a giant machine that he was just barely able to lift.

    2. Range: This one is a bit more easier (I think?), I just need to find out the range of Symby Spidey's webbing from the bridge that his webs were attached to.

    If you are able to do this, it would make me publishing his profile go a lot more smoother, and I'd really appreciate it.

    Here are the scans. If you need short GIFs which demonstrate the feat to analyse more frames (if the one I've taken isn't good enough), then please give me a shout.


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    • No probs.

      Good night.

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    • Ok, good night.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi can you calculate tier of konohamaru ?

    necessary for set the data for him

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  • Abandon Thread Eggboi 4

    Well, everything seems to work now.

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