Mega Mom

~ Mega Mom whenever she transforms.


Mega Mom is the wife of Super Dad, who after her husband's demise, discovered she has the ability to transform into a muscular hero whenever her infant son is in danger. She is part of the superhero team known only as "These Guys".

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-C

Name: Mega Mom (Real name unknown)

Origin: Cyanide and Happiness

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (Is a widow and mother to a baby)

Classification: Human, Superheroine

Powers and Abilities: Empowerment and Transformation/Berserk Mode (Transforms into Mega Mom whenever her son is in danger), Superhuman Physical Characteristics in berserk form, Invulnerability/Attack Reflection (A robber's bullets simply bounced off her body), Electricity Absorption (Could absorb electricity through the rope her baby is attached to in order to grow to immense sizeResistance to Fire (Took the Arsenist's flames point-blank without injury)

Attack Potency: Moon level (Fought El Reverso and multiple other superheroes)

Speed: Likely Supersonic (Should be comparable to Shark Rad)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 10 (Stopped a speeding truck), likely higher (Pulled half of a building with a rope)

Striking Strength: Moon Class

Durability: Moon level (Took hits from El Reverso)

Stamina: High (Chased the Arsenist across town and fought large groups of heroes for an extended period of time)

Range: Standard melee range.

Standard Equipment: A long lasso with her baby son tied to it.

Intelligence: Below Average (Relies entirely on brute strength in fights and often deliberately throws her baby into danger in order to transform)

Weaknesses: Relies on her baby being in danger in order to use her powers.


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