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The Martians are a race of aliens living on Mars in the Terraira verse. They ignore their neighbor for most of the game up until endgame, when they send their entire fleet against the Terrarian if their drones detect life in the atmosphere.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C for basic infantry. At least 7-C, likely 5-C for technology and ships

Civilization Type: Likely Planetary Civilization (They're the only known race on the planet and are attempting to conquer Earth)

Name: Martians

Origin: Terraria

Classification: Martian Army

Kardashev Level: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Population: At the very least 10,000 (Can send armies of 10,000 daily at Earth)

Territory: Mars

Technology/Abilities: Capable of using a massive amount of energy-based weapons and electricity in combat, possess countless ships capable of traveling to other planets of the Solar System instantly, Drones can summon the entire fleet if it detects any life form, possesses anti-gravity tools

Attack Potency: Town Level for basic infantry (They can easily kill even the strongest of humans such as the Guide). At least Town level, likely Moon Level for technology and ships (Their Saucer can easily harm the Terrarian near their peak)

Power Source: Unknown, but shown to use and weaponize electricity

Industrial Capacity: Can produce thousands of Saucers daily, alongside weapons for entire troops

Military Prowess: At the very least 10,000 soldiers ready for attack at a moment's notice, alongside thousands of Saucers capable of reaching other planets instantly.

Notable Individuals: Martian Saucer, Martian Walker

Weaknesses: None notable


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