Martial Arts is defined as different techniques of attacking and self-defense, with the purpose of physical and/or spiritual self-improvement. Some fictional characters (especially if they have attained mastery), often pass regular limits and become akin to superhuman (there are a lot of tales and legends about the miracles that some real life martial artists were capable of all as well).

Possible Uses

  • Obtaining superhuman physical characteristics (on a temporary or even permanent basis, or to imitate such characteristics via ki manipulation)
  • Repel attacks of an enemy back at them, or use their energy to strengthen oneself.
  • Neutralize the opponent's attack or partially reduce its power.
  • Control your body in a variety of ways.
  • Attack vulnerable points of the enemy (hurting, paralyzing or even killing by a touch); Can be labelled as acupuncture, with strikes aimed at bones, joints and internal organs
  • Attack with internal energy; Can lead to increased strike impact because of ki, and also generating powerful energy attacks.


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