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The Super Mario Bros franchise is a highly popular franchise and constitutes some of the most iconic acclaimed video games by Nintendo, featuring Nintendo's mascot, Mario. The plot in many of his games revolves around him, and occasionally his brother, Luigi, usually fighting Bowser, the main antagonist, and his army in order thwart his plans for conquest alongside rescuing the captured princess, Peach. The series began in 1981 in the arcade game "Donkey Kong" where Mario has to beat an ape known as Donkey Kong. As time went by, he has become one of the world's best-known video game characters since 1985 after the release of Super Mario Bros on the NES. The series spawned multiple genres and series such as racing, party, puzzle, and role-playing games. It's one of the most popular Nintendo franchises and video game franchises in general.

Power of the Verse

Despite being a light-hearted and colorful franchise, the verse is incredibly powerful. While common enemies and certain characters would find themselves around Wall to Building level, many of the recurring cast and the foes they faced usually ranges from Country level to Galaxy level, with the most powerful beings and artifacts in the series usually being Universal+ or Multiversal. In terms of speed, many of the characters and vehicles are Relativistic+ to Massively FTL+ in combat speed and movement. The verse has many hax powers as well, including, but not limited to, Gravity Manipulation, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Transmutation, and creating dimensions, with several of them being in the form of powerful magic. Notable users include Kamek, Wizpig, King Boo, and surprisingly, Princess Peach. Overall, this is a verse that definitely should not be underestimated.






The Seven Star Children

Mushroom Kingdom

Koopa Troop

Yoshi's Island

Donkey Kong Country

Wario Land/WarioWare

Legend of the Seven Stars

Paper Mario

Mario & Luigi series



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(This page covers the main franchise. There are other related and spin-off series)

SMRPG.png Donkey Kong logo.png PM.png YI.png MANDl.png Partyeveryday.png Warioland.png WarioWare logo.png

Note: This is the following different sub-series and spin-offs in the franchise. It should be noted that Nintendo has never regarded any of them being a separate continuity or an alternate universe. As such, none of them should be regarded non-canon until official sources specify.


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