Maken-Ki (マケン姫っ! Maken-Ki) is a Japanese manga series by Hiromitsu Takeda. It was published by Fujimi Shobo's magazine Dragon Age Pure, and later Monthly Dragon Age. The story follows Ooyama Takeru who just enrolled into Tenbi High School in hopes of achiveing his perverted dreams, however soon he joins Maken-Ki a group which serves as security on Tenbi grounds from where on he has to battle numerous villains with his friends to survive.

Power of the Verse

Maken-Ki! is a verse whose characters draw power from Element, the energy of the verse which can be used for a lot of applications but usually it is used to enhance the strength of an object or a person and Maken, vessels created when gods are born, as such they were originally only used by the gods whose birth led to their creation. However most of the characters use "fake" Maken which are created by Gen Tagayashi

Maken-Ki is also very gifted with Hax ranging from: Minerva's ability to instantly BFR someone, Koushi's power copying abilities, Yamato's possession which he can use even after he has died, Kimi's ability to warp reality, Sui's ability to steal someones right of action ranging from simple things like moving to taking away the right to breathe or even live, Ooyama's Kamudo which allows him to compress space-time by 10 times effectively slowing the opponent 10 times and many other Hax


Takeru's attack potency (Scales to Mid tiers at the start of series)

Kuragasa's attack potency (Scales to almost every character excluding characters which are known to be of average human strength)

Hirata's attack potency (Scales to mid tiers at around half of the series or Summer Training Arc)

Takeru's lifting strength] (Scales to physically stronger characters such as Minori,Yamato etc)

Takeru's speed (Scales to everyone)

Yamato attack potency (Outclassed by another calc as such it is unused)









Ooyama Takeru

Koushi Aomi

Rokujou Minori

Haruko Amaya

Kodama Himegami

Inaho Kushiya

Aki Nijou

Gen Tagayashi

Azuki Shinatsu

ChaCha Akaza

Usui Kengo

Kai Kuragasa

Kimi Sato


Yamato Takeru

Leo Hirata




Miyabi Ootori

Love Espada

Tesshin Kushiya

Kirishima Hakuto


Akaya Kodai

Yan Min

Shiria Ootsuka

Demitra Midia

Martha Minerva

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