Jupiter's Core


The Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter is a powerful weapon feared by all. When fired, the cannon releases a compressed beam of energy that wreaks destruction wherever it passes. One blast from the cannon was enough to completely shatter Erza Scarlet's Adamantine Armor, an armor renowned for its extremely high defensive capabilities, to pieces. Had the armor not intercepted the blast, members of Fairy Tail feared that one blast from the cannon would be enough to completely annihilate their guild and the surrounding area. Additionally, the Magical Cannon has enough power to significantly damage a Giant-empowered Makarov Dreyar, who, in that form, is well known for his enhanced strength and durability; a further testament to the overwhelming destructive capabilities that Jupiter possesses. During the attack on Fairy Tail by the Alvarez Empire, Bisca utilizes Phantom's Jupiter in an attempt to destroy the lead ship. While it is blocked by Ajeel, the cannon beam refracts around his hand, destroying numerous surrounding ships. It is also powerful enough to damage Ajeel Ramal and Erza Scarlet.

The power source for Jupiter is, fittingly, an extremely large, dark Lacrima, which is connected to by many cables, which in turn, are connected to the floor and ceiling of its station, feeding Magic Power into the cannon. In the anime, the power source for the cannon is relatively the same, except that instead of cables feeding the Lacrima Magic Power, there are four other, smaller, Lacrima that transfer Magic Power to the aforementioned larger one. The recharge time for the Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter in Phantom Lord's possession is fifteen minutes.The recharge time for the cannon in Grimoire Heart's possession, if one exists, is unknown. The recharge time for the cannon obtained from Phantom and now in Fairy Tail's possession is still fifteen minutes.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C to likely High 7-A

Name: Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter

Origin: Fairy Tail

Classification: Magical Cannon

Wielders: Fairy Tail Guild (more accurately Bisca Connell), Grimoire Heart Guild, Phantom Lord Guild

Powers and Abilities: Creating powerful Magic blasts

Attack Potency: Town level (Completely destroyed Erza's Adamantine Armor) to likely Large Mountain level (Damaged Ajeel Ramal, but the latter was offguard and damaged from his fight with Erza, as he Previously blocked the shot with one hand only. Should be stronger than Lucy)

Range: Around a kilometer

Weaknesses: Requires time to recharge


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