Mage Knight is a table-top collectable miniature team building game created by WizKids. Similarly to their other properties, such as Horrorclix and Heroclix, the game used combat dials instead of the common "pen and paper" method. The board game had spin-off novels, comics, and even video games. The game had a few different releases. The "original" Mage Knight lacked items, riders, titans, and various other aspects of the game that would be added in later versions. It introduced the main factions, as well as the ground work for the abilities that would be found in future releases. It would be reworked and rebooted into Mage Knight 2.0. This introduced colossal figures, new races, new abilities, relics, spells, and items. Mage Knight was again rebooted much later as a more traditional board game along with tie-in Heroclix figures.

Power of the Verse

Physically, Mage Knight is only Wall level with Class 5 lifting strength. The scaling comes from canon fire, surviving flames, explosives, and real-world animals. The strongest AP feats come from characters who can weild lightning, granting an 8-C+ rating. The verse has good reaction speed, being able to dodge lightning and electric attacks. Abilities of the verse aren't very haxy, making them rather weak. Abilities include: Necromancy, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Magic, Damage Transferal, Poison Manipulation, Telekinesis, etc.

All stats are about the same, though slightly weaker, as well as introducing hax abilities, titan figures which are 9-A to 8-C via size alone, and relics, Items, and Spells which have even stronger hax than the standard ability additions. This includes, but isn't limited to, Fate Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Pain Manipulation, Possession, Mind Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Power Nullification of all abilities in the game, etc.




Mage Knight

Mage Knight 2.0

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