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An adventure about a hard boiled detective in his office. About 1,700 pages.
~ Problem Sleuth's description

HS Book 1
A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. About 8,000 pages. Don't say we didn't warn you.
~ Homestuck's description

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MS Paint Adventures is a series of unrelated webcomics written by Andrew Hussie

Problem Sleuth

The first of the two webcomics detailed here is Problem Sleuth, revolving around the inane adventures of a trio of detectives trapped inside their offices by ridiculous circumstances. Eventually, their adventures bring them to the imaginary world, where they battle against the imaginary demonic counterpart of a crime boss.


The second of the two web-comics detailed is Homestuck. The plot follows John Egbert and his friends as they decide to play a game. A game that ends up holding the secret to creating a new universe, at the cost of their own planet, and their childhoods. They meet the alien creators of their universe and accidentally cause the destruction of both at the hands of a game construct gone wild - while the immortal Lord of Time goes about destroying all of Paradox Space.

Powers of the Verse

MS Paint Adventures is very powerful, possessing many multiversal characters, along with a few Tier 1 characters.

Problem Sleuth has several high level reality warpers, including Godhead Pickle Inspector, who is stated by the narration to be the supreme being of all of the comic's narration, and normal Pickle Inspector, who created the universe by duplicating himself across time and space infinitely. It also includes a character who became a multiversal black hole by multiplying his mass by a factor of a Googolplex (10^10^100) that was distorting all of time and space, his equally powerful demonic counterpart who tore the universe in half prior to reaching his full power, and the main character, Problem Sleuth, who fodderized them.

Homestuck is even stronger, containing characters capable of throwing planets around with telekinesis, aliens the size of an AU, several Multiverse level+ characters capable of high-level teleportation and destruction, including Jack Noir, who destroyed a Genesis Frog containing infinite timelines. It also has the horrorterrors, who exist beyond the normal universe and create transuniversal structures, John Egbert, who was capable of brushing away higher-dimensional glitches in space-time, and Lord English, who casually killed the author along with countless Horrorterrors, assured his existence across all space and time through paradoxes, and was destroying the fabric of Paradox Space.






Problem Sleuth

Team Sleuth








Homestuck Trolls

Hiveswap Trolls


Sburb Constructs

Midnight Crew



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