Made by John Browning, the M1911 was designed to be a simple to use, and ideally functioning sidearm in the 20th century. Browning successfully created it, and shortly after, it began being mass produced as the main sidearm of the United States military forces. It was in mainstream use until the 1980s. This handgun and its design has a long-lasting influence on American firearms and participated in the greatest and most famous wars in human history. It has received numerous iterations over the years, such as the M1911 A1 variant.

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Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: M1911

Origin: Real World

Age: 108 (as of 2019)

Classification: Semi-automatic firearm; sidearm

Wielders: 20th Century American Military, 21st Century American Law Enforcement

Prerequisites: .45 ACP ammunition, 7-round box magazine

Attack Potency: Street level (At the ideal bullet speed, a .45 ACP round, of 15 grams, can achieve upwards of 472 joules)

Speed: Subsonic+ (Typical M1911 velocity is 253 m/s)

Durability: Street level (Can withstand its firepower, and likely being shot itself, extremely reliable)

Range: Up to 50 meters

Weaknesses: None notable

Note: This is an official profile for the original design of this handgun, which excludes common sidearm accessories/features, and ignores different variants' stats


.45 caliber HEADSHOT! How to kill a ZOMBIE!

.45 caliber HEADSHOT! How to kill a ZOMBIE!

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