There are creatures science refuses to recognize, but new technology makes up question what is real. If our eyes see it...if our cameras capture it...does it exist? Enter a realm where fact meets fiction. Science meets legend. Where nightmares come to life. Do you believe? LOST TAPES.


Lost Tapes is a horror/thriller TV series created by Animal Planet. The premise follow various found-footage tapes that show creatures of legend, and how they tend to attack humanity.

Powers and Abilities

Powers in the verse vary quite a bit and are occasionally vague. Tier usually is 9-C to 9-B, as most of these creatures easily kill humans and domesticated animals. Abilities include Stealth Mastery, Invisibility, Superhuman Speed, Heat Vision, Fear Manipulation, Flight, etc. The strongest monsters in the verse are characters like the Kraken, who shook an entire oil platform.






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Season 2

Season 3

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