Linda is a protagonist from the game Okage: Shadow King. She is a teen idol and former Evil King, orginally her career wasn't off to a good start and wasn't a great singer due to her lack of confidence. After she meet Ari and Stan, she gain more confidence in herself and started to become popular among the people of Madril. However unknown to Ari and his companions, Linda was actually an Evil King and with her confidence boosted after several coaching sessions with Stan, her magical powers were awakened.

She then started to brainwash all the townspeople of Madril with her singing, forcing them to love her without question. When she was confronted by Ari and Stan, Linda asked if they would join her in taking over the world, but when they declined, Linda ran away because she didn't want to fight her coach. In the end, she decided to fight and after losing she joined Ari and the rest of his companions to be close to her love, Stan.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-A | High 4-C

Name: Linda

Origin: Okage: Shadow King

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (According to her in-game bio it's Top Secret!)

Classification: Ghost, Teen Idol, Former Evil King

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: At least Multi-City Block level (Fought Ari who at this point was superior to Evil King Chairman who was stated to have enough power to incinerate an entire building which would require this much power) | Large Star level (Fought Beiloune after he classified himself with the full power of Classification)

Speed: At least Subsonic (Faster than Evil King Big Bull who moves fast enough he appears as a blur) | At least Subsonic (Faster than before)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Multi-City Block Class | Large Star Class

Durability: At least Multi-City Block level | Large Star level

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Standard melee range, Hundreds of meters with magic

Standard Equipment: Microphone

Intelligence: Avarage

Weaknesses: Weak to lightning based attacks, Her confidence is connected to her power, if she doesn't have any confidence in herself her power will weaken. She isn't a full Deviant so her resistance aren't as high as Ari's.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Omni Concert: Linda can decreases speed of all enemies.
  • Charmer: Increases Critical Hit chance for everyone in the area.
  • Deflector: Reduces magic damage of everyone in the area by 50%.
  • Match: Equalizes the speed of everyone in the area.
  • Replenish / Revitalize: Skills Linda can use to restore the health of herself and all her companions.
  • Full Power: Increases the damage done by everyone in the area.
  • Thunder Peck / Crimson Kiss: Linda can blow an electronic or fire kiss at her opponent.
  • Dispel: Linda can removes all spells in the area.
  • Repulsor: Reduces physical damage everyone in the area receives by 50%.

Key: Early Game | End Game


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