-Render- Lin Jie

I had decided...

To stop poking my nose into where it shouldn't be.

To become a normal person, living an ordinary life.

However, your existence is obviously a threat to this world.

Everything that I hold dear is right here.

So I just can't sit back and watch you destroy it all.


Lin Jie is the main protagonist of the manhua, Hero? I Quit A Long Time Ago

He who saved Humanity from the monster 7 years ago, naming himself Zero due to his chuunibyou disease. He later disappeared from Humanity after the majority of the monsters were gone. Now, he's looking for a job due to his sister forcing him to get a job

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, likely higher

Name: Lin Jie, alias known as Zero while full name is Lin Ying Jie

Origin: Hero? I Quit A Long Time Ago

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Classification: Mankind's First Super Hero, Humanity's Last Hope of Light, He Who Let Humanity Know The World, He Who Led Humanity's Rebellion, He Who Led Humanity into 22th Century, Saviour, Indolent Soldier, The World's Greatest Legend, Mankind's Very First Hero, The Strongest Hero, Monster Hunter, The Death God, The Greatest Guardian, Legendary Hero, God Slayer

Powers and Abilities: Electricity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Absorption, Afterimage Creation, Aura, Avatar Creation, BFR, Energy Projection, Enhanced Senses, Existence Erasure, Extrasensory Perception, Flight, Forcefield Creation, Non-Physical Interaction, Sealing, Statistics Amplification, Stealth Mastery, Summoning, Teleportation, Transformation, Weapon Mastery, Resistance to Fire Manipulation and Mind Manipulation, Likely Limited Telepathy

Attack Potency: At least City level, likely higher (Casually created a huge water drainage in the Pacific Ocean, casually split the skies, decapitated Jörmungandr in a single strike, destroyed Mars, and easily subdued Zamtrios who could have eaten an Island in a single bite)

Speed: At least FTL, likely higher (Appeared behind The Devil before he could notice, beat countless opponents in the blink of an eye, casually caught Akarin who was moving at the Speed of Light, casually dodged bullets in close range, casually played around with Rui Ouyang, should be faster than Hollow who could keep up with a van, sliced the entire arm of The Devil before he could notice, and swiftly appeared outside of H-City)

Lifting Strength: At least Class M, likely higher (Easily carried Harry and his Staff with ease as a mouse and Yeoui which was massively enlarged and threw away Xiao Zhan)

Striking Strength: At least City Class, likely higher (Knocked out Harry with ease as an ant and members of the Philosopher Gang with ease)

Durability: At least City level, likely higher (Easily endured the strike of a Fused Robocorp and stopped the attack of Baphomet the Demon which damaged a Snow Mountain without any damage taken)

Stamina: Average (Wasn't exhausted walking for an hour on a long mountain path)

Range: Planetary

Standard Equipment: Celestial-Binding Rope, Celestial's Executioner, Celestial's Severance, Celestial's Slayer, Cleaver, Courage, Dual Hammer, Evil Spirit Wolf's Teeth Club, Golden Cudgel - Yeoui, Galaxy Sword, Golden Nunchucks, Heavy Iron Sword, High-End Cuffs, Set of Armor, The Crescent Blade of the Azure Dragon, The Dragon Abyss Sword, The Earth Spirit Sword, The Fire Spirit Sword, The Portrait of Myriad Gods, The Wood Spirit Sword, Zamtrios

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: Does not want any harm to come to Lin Wan, will not hurt the Merfolk under any circumstances unless if it is serious, and will only use Judgement on criminals



Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Electricity Manipulation:

Lightning: Can imbue his Equipment with Lightning

Fire Manipulation:

[The Fire Spirit Sword] Fire: Can manipulate Flames with The Fire Spirit Sword

Size Manipulation:

[Celestial's Executioner] Can increase the size of the Swords she wields
[Yeoui] Extend: Enlarges the size of Yeoui

Soul Manipulation:

Slay: Can crush the souls of people

Space Manipulation:

Tear: Can create a crack in the fabrics of space to appear in it


[Galaxy Sword] Can absorb energy
Redemption: Can absorb the soul of people

Afterimage Creation: Can make afterimages


[Celestial's Executioner] Killing Intent: Is able to manifest her Aura
[Celestial's Executioner] Sword Will: Shrouds her entire body with her Sword Will
Killing Intent: Is able to manifest his Aura
Sword Will: Shrouds his entire body with his Sword Will

Avatar Creation:

[Evil Spirit Wolf's Teeth Club] Manifestation: Materializes a human form
[Celestial's Executioner] Manifestation: Materializes a human form
[Celestial's Severance] Manifestation: Materializes a human form


[The Portrait of Myriad Gods] Can place people inside The Portrait of Myriad Gods

Energy Projection:

Judgement: Can create a Beam to attack someone
Punishment: Can create a Blast to attack someone

Enhanced Senses: Can sense the presence of someone

[Celestial's Executioner] Can sense Killing Intent

Existence Erasure: Is able to erase the existence of someone

[Celestial's Executioner] Execute: Damages every incarnation that the target has and the target itself until they're completely destroyed

Extrasensory Perception: Can feel the Aura of someone

Flight: Can fly naturally without any assistance

[Celestial's Executioner] Can fly
[Celestial's Severance] Can fly
[Zamtrios] Can fly

Forcefield Creation: Can make a Forcefield around himself

[Celestial's Executioner] Dome: Creates a dome around herself in which she can infuse it with her Sword Will

Non-Physical Interaction: Can touch Spirits

Sealing: Can seal his Equipment

[Celestial-Binding Rope] Can physically seal people
[The Portrait of Myriad Gods] Can seal people inside The Portrait of Myriad Gods
[Celestial's Severance] Celestial's Severance Formation: Creates 4 gigantic Swords around the opponent which releases light, fusing together in each sides to trap the opponent

Statistics Amplification:

Breathing: Increases his strength by multiple times

Stealth Mastery: Could sneak up behind Xiao Zhan and Professor Qin even though the building they were in a heavily guarded building

Summoning: Can summon various weapons at his disposal

[Celestial's Executioner] Can summon her sword


[Evil Spirit Wolf's Teeth Club] Can teleport

Transformation: Can transform into Zero, his other Persona

[Celestial's Executioner] Can change her current clothes to her original clothes
[Celestial's Executioner] Can change to her sword
[Celestial's Severance] Can change to her sword

Weapon Mastery: Is a master in the Art of the Sword

[Celestial's Executioner] Is a master in the Art of the Sword

Fire Manipulation Resistance: Can resist Evil God of Flames's Fire Wave

Mind Manipulation Resistance: Can resist the Mind Control of Dong Yang

Note 1: To see the reasons for his Powers and Abilities, check this blog and scroll down to the 'Explanations (Optional)' section

Note 2: The OP must notify if the following Equipment are allowed as Lin Jie currently does not have them: The Earth Spirit Sword, The Fire Spirit Sword, and The Wood Spirit Sword


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