Mononoke Forest Spirit Walking

The Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke is able to instill and take away life at will.


Life Manipulation is the ability to manipulate the life force that courses inside living beings or the very concept of life itself.

Possible Uses

  • Animation: Some life manipulators are able to breathe life into inanimate objects, turning them into living creatures to aid them in combat.
  • Plant Manipulation: Life manipulators are frequently associated with plant life, enriching the ground with life energy in order to cause plants to rapidly grow. Some users can control the life energy within the plants for a variety of effects.
  • Healing/Regeneration: Many life manipulators are able to use it to heal themselves or others to greatly prolong the time they spend in combat.
  • Life Stealing/Instant Death: Some life manipulators are able to steal life energy or simply remove the life energy from an opponent's body to grievously harm or kill the target.


  • Life Manipulation may be ineffective against an inorganic beings or those that are not truly "alive" and thus do not have life energy to manipulate.
  • Life manipulators are frequently shown to suffer from adverse side effects when overusing their powers or when they have an excess of energy, which may be used against them if forced to use a great deal of it at a single time.


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