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Hieromancers like Azor can create magically-binding laws that can prevent spellcasting.


The ability to manipulate "laws" that automatically apply themselves upon reality, referring to rules, mandates and even fundamental logical principles/truths/facts that are the way in which a reality may function. The laws may or may not have been previously imposed by a higher authority within the setting of a verse.

Basic users of the power may only disturb one or more laws without control over them. Regular and more advanced users may be able to destroy, nullify, modify and/or create new laws, potentially to keep an order or to benefit themselves.

Users who merely do illogical things may only have Toon Force, especially when done in a cartoonish way. Although there are rare cases in which a law manipulator is actually using its powers to imitate traits of Toon Force.

Possible Uses

  • Reality Warping: Users of this ability may be able to control the laws of reality, and high-level users may be able to even negate the current laws and enforce their own upon reality.
  • Physics Manipulation: The user may be able to alter the fundamental laws of physics.
  • Power Nullification: High-level users may be able to "prohibit" the use of certain power or abilities in a universe, rendering the users of said power powerless.
  • Causality Manipulation: By controlling the laws of cause and effect.
  • Mathematics Manipulation: The user may be able to alter the result of a mathematical equation, or the fundamental process behind it.
  • Chaos Manipulation: The user may be able to alter logical order.
  • Subjective Reality and/or Immersion: By manipulating reality and unreality.


  • The user may be limited to control only a specific form of law.
  • Characters with type 5 and possibly type 4 Acausality may be unaffected.
  • Could backfire on the user if it lacks the intellect needed to exploit the power, should this one also be attached to its modified law.