La Nahuala

In these lands lived great sorcerers...some were good...and some were evil.
~ Father Godofredo, La Leyenda de la Nahuala


"La Leyenda", also known as "Las Leyendas" in English is a long running Mexican media franchise formed in 2006. The franchise currently contains four animated films, with a fifth one in production and an animated series on Netflix known as "Legend Quest" which serves as a pseudo-soft-reboot of the franchise. The series follows the increasingly dark adventures of a young, fearful, yet kind and brave boy named Leonardo "Leo" San Juan and his best friends, the spoiled rotten Miss Teodora, the quixotic Don Andrés, the wise but laid back Alebrije and the young, playful, brother-sister pair of skeleton Twins, Finado and Moribunda as they're tasked with saving towns from local monsters and other tasks.

Power of the Verse

Although the franchise typically sways away from fight scenes and action pieces, instead focusing on adventure and using intelligence, planning and even compassion to defeat the various enemies, the verse is surprisingly very powerful. Novice and amateur witches like Marcella and a young Nu Gui were capable of conjuring large thunderstorms within the first days of becoming witches and can animate entire armies of statues. Powerful ghosts like La Nahuala were capable of ripping souls from bodies and was implied to have created her own pocket dimension containing a sun. More powerful ghosts such as La Llorona were capable of conjuring massive thunderstorms stretching across entire cities with her mere presence and Del Chupacabra collapsed an Aqueduct with raw strength. The strongest beings in the verse are the Gods Quetzalcoatl and Fenrir and the mystical Samurai of Dawn. Quetzalcoatl has complete and utter control over his dimension and can manipulate it with a mere word, Fenrir was said to be able to devour entire worlds, including Quetzalcoatl's realm and the Samurai of Dawn was capable of matching Quetzalcoatl in the last stand.

The series has rather powerful hax as well. Nicht Mart was capable of manipulating the dreams of an entire town, forcing them to be unable to go to sleep, the Vodnik could rip the souls from his enemies, Medusa could turn ghosts into statues, Baba Yaga and La Llorona had the power to drain the life from enemies and Quetzalcoatl could manipulate fear itself. The series however drastically lacks speed feats. The Jersey Devil was capable of reacting to cannonballs, which is largely the best, scalable speed feat known thus far.






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