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Korin is a wise cat who is over 800 years old that lives atop Korin Tower. He is one of the martial arts teacher of Goku as well as Master Roshi. His teachings include anticipating the opponent's movements and reducing the needless movements of one's own body.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C

Name: Korin

Origin: Dragon Ball

Gender: Male

Age: Over 800 years

Classification: Humanoid Cat

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Master Martial Artist, Acrobatics, Afterimage Creation, Ki Sensing, Enhanced Senses, Telepathy (Can read minds), Summoning (Can summon the Nimbus Cloud)

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Stronger than Tao Pai Pai and at least comparable to his pupil, Goku, until Goku later surpassed him after 22nd Budokai)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Faster than Tao, comparable to Goku)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 100, likely higher

Striking Strength: Large Building Class

Durability: Large Building level

Stamina: Very high

Range: Extended melee range with his staff

Standard Equipment: His staff

Intelligence: Very high, extremely knowledgeable in martial arts and combat. He was the master of both Master Roshi and Goku and has centuries of life experience.

Weaknesses: He's a little ticklish


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