Kongou Banchou


A shonen manga by Nakaba Suzuki (also the creator of Nanatsu no Taizai) serialized in Shonen Sunday 2007-2010.

It's about a young man by the name of Akira Kongou. It follows his journey as he battles the other banchou in the 23 district project in order to stop them from taking over Japan. He meets and defeats a plethora of different banchou and befriends a few in order to stop the 23 districts project and defeat his older brother Takeshi Kongou.

It's an imaginative manga with a straightforward story and unique and creative character design that is definitely worth reading.

Power of the Verse

Akira and Takeshi Kongou in Giant Mode pack Continent level+ physical power and durability.

Aside from Giant Mode though, the characters are sitting at Building level to Town level+, with Supersonic to Hypersonic+ speed, and they also lack hax (so far, Bungaku's shapeshifting and Hikyou's prep genius is the only notable hax in the verse).

Respect Thread

Supporters and Opponents of the verse





Banchou Alliance

  • Akira Kongou
  • Gouriki Banchou
  • Hikyou Banchou
  • Iai Banchou
  • Nenbutsu Banchou
  • Sasori Banchou

Dark Student Council

  • Takeshi Kongou
  • Bungaku Banchou
  • Kenpei Banchou
  • Gaugau Banchou
  • Gisou Banchou
  • Drill Banchou
  • Gedou Banchou

Five Dark Vows

  • Bakunetsu Banchou
  • Kangoku Banchou


  • Kongou
  • Homura Kongou
  • Gokumon Banchou
  • Hakai Banchou
  • Machine Banchou
  • Ourou Banchou

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