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~ Kirby Super Star

For detailed information about this series, visit the Kirby Wiki or the WiKirby.


Kirby is a popular Nintendo series that follows Kirby, a small, circular and pink hero who can inhale things to copy their powers. The verse has a notable focus on simplicity in all its games while the main ones also implement subtle world-building and mysteries about the series. The verse purposely doesn't take itself seriously in certain aspects, letting its characters be outrageously powerful, bad guys get disproportionate retributions for their actions and characters who practice evil be let free for them to continue to do so, among other things.

Power of the Verse

This verse is much more powerful than most people would expect. Despite its cute and simplistic themes, it possesses loads of characters with incredible power, Genius Intelligence, multiple Massively FTL+ feats, decent hax such as BFR, Possession, Mind Manipulation, Reality Warping and more. The weakest beings of the verse are a butterfly and a regular human, and the common enemies found in most places are at Continent level and many characters on their early stages reaching over Multi-Continent level. After the defeat of Drawcia, the series then takes a massive jump in power, as the main cast, final bosses and other notable beings are at Multi-Solar System level. After the events involving Another Dimension in Return to Dreamland, The cast gets even more powerful, even reaching a likely Low Multiverse level rating. Post-Star Allies characters get even stronger, reaching at least Galaxy level, likely Low Multiverse level.


  • Here is an explanation blog about the powers and abilities of various characters in the franchise.
  • Kirby: Canon & Scaling is a blog that elaborates the canon continuity, why side content is used, the basic scaling gaps and the scaling chain of the verse
  • Kirby: Cosmology is a blog that elaborates about the cosmology of the verse, as well as Planet Popstar. and gives explanations about various things.
  • Kirby: Explanations is a blog that elaborates about many things.
  • Kirby: Misconceptions points out and explains misconceptions.
  • Here is list of official Japanese guides in the series that are inaccessible by conventional means. The blog is to inspire people to share information about them by giving likely speculation of what date those guides could state.
  • Kirby: List of Feats & More is a blog that lists notable AP and durability feats, anti-feats & inapplicable anti-feats, the implied hierarchy of power between characters, and how top-tiers don't hold back




  • Kirby redirects a meteor (11,996,304,563.27114 c; Massively FTL+)
  • Galaxy-Related Speed Feats
    • Nova goes to Popstar: 78600621419.70554c; Massively FTL+
    • Kirby with his Starship goes to stop Nova: 489273635659.0972c; Massively FTL+
    • Meta Knight flies back to Popstar: 339334940860.3416c; Massively FTL+
    • 3 Dark Matter beings fly past galaxies: 3606645657144.202c; Massively FTL+
    • An incomplete Cystal follows Kirby & co. into another planet: Incalculable; still Massively FTL+
    • Dark Matter flees: 2524651960000.9414c; Massively FTL+
    • Dark Matter flees & blows up: 2608111528926.5923c; Massively FTL+
    • Kirby calls for a Warp Star: 8387548039870.238c; Massively FTL+





Characters and Weapons

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