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The underworld will now be run like a business... and the chairman of the board will be... the Kingpin!


The Kingpin (real name Wilson Fisk) is a major fictional Marvel Comics supervillain that originated in the Spider-Man comics and media. He has since then gone on to be a major enemy of Daredevil as well as a recurring villain for both Spider-Man and the Punisher. In recent years, he has been revised as being more of Daredevil's enemy rather than Spider-Man's and has appeared in more mature, realistic and adult-themed comic appearances. He is portrayed as one of the most feared and powerful crime lords in the Marvel Universe, typically holding the position of New York City's crime overlord.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A, possibly 8-C

Name: Wilson Grant Fisk, The Kingpin

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Male

Age: Middle aged

Classification: Human, Crime Boss

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Martial Artist, Weapon Mastery, Energy Projection with his Cane (His cane shoots a laser) & Resistance to blunt attacks.

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Crushed large rocks. Comparable to Daredevil), possibly Building level (Defeated and could have killed the Red Skull in an equally strong cloned copy of Captain America's body)

Speed: Superhuman running speed (Saved a child from a car) with Hypersonic combat speed and reactions (Can keep up with the Punisher)

Lifting Strength: At least Class K

Striking Strength: Small Building level, possibly Building level

Durability: Small Building level, possibly Building level

Stamina: Peak Human

Range: Standard Melee Range, up to Hundreds of Meters with guns and other weapons.

Standard Equipment: A kevlar armor vest under his clothes. His Obliterator Cane, which contains a laser weapon powerful enough to vaporize a handgun, a pin that contains sleeping gas, and often uses various firearms.

Intelligence: Gifted. Educated in political science, very manipulative and clever, has tricked many superheroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil, maintains and runs one of the largest criminal empires in the world, skilled chess player, fluent in several languages.

Weaknesses: Most normal human weaknesses

Notable Attacks/Techniques

  • Bear Hug: He grabs his opponent and crushes them to death.


  • This profile only covers the 616 Marvel Comics version of Kingpin
  • Before making any changes to this page, please read and follow the Power-scaling Rules for Marvel and DC Comics.
  • Please do not attempt to scale other Marvel Comics characters to Kingpin's statistics. Kingpin has been a villain in the rogue galleries of multiple street level superheroes of varying power levels such as Daredevil, Captain America and Spider-Man, and hence should be considered too inconsistent to scale to other characters.

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