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Kingdom Hearts is a Japanese RPG video game series that presents a marriage between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. Boasting an in-depth plot akin to those of various Final Fantasy titles, Kingdom Hearts follows Sora and his fellow Keyblade Wielders through worlds both original and those featured in various Disney cinematic titles such as Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Carribbean, Tron, and far more.

The series begins with Sora, the protagonist, as a happy-go-lucky resident of the tranquil Destiny Islands. He and his friends Riku and Kairi dream of escaping their solitary lives and experiencing foreign worlds. Before they can cast off, the Heartless, shadowy creatures who hunger for the hearts of people and worlds alike, plunge their island into darkness. Sora manages to escape to another world and there discovers that he can use the Keyblade, a powerful weapon capable of vanquishing Heartless. He is soon after recruited by Donald and Goofy, King Mickey's right hands, in the effort to fight the Darkness that threatens to overtake the entire Realm of Light. To save the cosmos, restore his world, and reunite with his friends, Sora embarks on a journey that's taking a really long time to conclude.

The series spans 9 games so far, with 3 collections of the series containing the previous games but remade in HD (i.e KH I.5, II.5, and II.8). These games are, in order of the plot's chronology: chi, Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, 358/2 Days, Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, coded, Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts III.


Heart: One of the three main components of one’s being. A Heart is primarily formed from both light and darkness. A heart is needed to conventionally exist, with the exception being the Seven Princesses of Heart (Seven maidens whose hearts are completely devoid of darkness) or beings with their light/darkness forcefully separated (Such as Ventus and Vanitas) regarding the former (Only holding light or darkness). Hearts are also responsible for one feeling emotion and, when one holds strong bonds with others, allow the being to be able to feel the emotions of others. Hearts separated from their bodies also possess additional capabilities, such as possessing others, traveling through time (As long as there is a version of themselves where they travel), and even surviving the destruction of their worlds. Those with exceptionally strong hearts are able to wield a Keyblade.

Soul/"Mind": The second of the components that make up one’s being. The mind is what gives an individual life, and determines whether they are alive or dead, the force that wills the body to live and drives it to survive. Those of exceptionally strong will are able to survive with only their mind, lacking their heart or body, as showcased with the Lingering Will.

Body: The final part of a being’s existence. Bodies give both the heart and mind a vessel, for without them, it is an empty husk.

Memory: Functioning similar to memories in real life, memory in Kingdom Hearts make up a strong part of the heart’s existence, and possess actual reality, leading to significant side effects if a person’s memories are altered (Even going as far as rewriting reality itself). And while memories may be concealed or forgotten, they never truly “fade”, and the heart will recognize things the mind may not (A sort of "déjà vu" feeling), if that is the case. This is even inclusive of abstract ideas, such as writing, as seen in Kingdom Hearts coded, where even after Naminé erased the pages of Jiminy’s Journal, their memories remained intact.

Heartless: A creature formed when a heart falls to darkness. Heartless are completely lacking in emotion and intelligence, only having instinct to collect hearts. Their appearance wildly varies depending on the individual that fell. There exist two different types of Heartless, Purebloods (Which are designed as being virtually pure black) and Emblem (Which have the Heartless logo located somewhere on their bodies). As mentioned before, Heartless are generally mindless beasts who only desire to collect hearts, however, there exist three who are exempt from this (Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Scar and Sora’s Heartless, the former two even able to maintain their original form), in addition to the Black Costume Heartless maintaining the ability to speak, but are still driven by the desire present in all Heartless.

Nobody: After a being becomes a Heartless, their body and mind are left to become Nobodies. Nobodies are generally white in appearance, and are essentially empty husks, only existing to be commanded. When the original being has strong enough will, they shall maintain their original form as a Nobody (As shown with the members of Organization XIII). When a strong-willed Nobody is slain, they leave behind a semblance of their original being (Essentially a type of spirit) in the form of an Absent Silhouette. If a person's Heartless and Nobody are destroyed, their original being is restored.

Unversed: Essentially avatars of a person's own negative emotions, Unversed are chaotic beings with drastically varying appearance. All Unversed originate from Vanitas, with the exception of two, the Symphony Master and the Cursed Coach, both of whom were created by Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters (Lady Tremaine, Drizella and Anastasia).

Dream Eaters: Only existing in the Realm of Sleep, where worlds restored from darkness lie in slumber, there exist two different classifications of Dream Eaters, Spirits (Who eat nightmares and replace them with good dreams) and Nightmares (Who eat good dreams and replace them with nightmares).

Kingdom Hearts: The heart of all hearts, and the source of ultimate power and unlimited wisdom. Kingdom Hearts is the primordial source of all light and darkness in the Kingdom Hearts universe, and the origin of the hearts of both worlds and men. As a result of the ancient war over Kingdom Hearts known as the "Keyblade War", Kingdom Hearts was swallowed in the Realm of Darkness, never to be seen again. While there have existed false versions of Kingdom Hearts (Such as the heart of all men gathered by the Organization XIII, or the heart of all worlds sealed behind the Door to Darkness), they are in reality a lower variation of the true Kingdom Hearts (KHIII).

χ-Blade: The counterpart to Kingdom Hearts and the item all Keyblades are modeled after. The χ-Blade acts as the only way to summon the door to Kingdom Hearts, and presumably the way to unlock it as well. At the end of the Keyblade War, the χ-Blade was shattered into 20 pieces, seven of light, and thirteen of darkness. These pieces would eventually "manifest" as the Seven Guardians of Light and the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness, whose fatal clash would recreate the χ-Blade and summon the true Kingdom Hearts.

Keyblade: A weapon originally forged in the image of the χ-Blade for the Keyblade War, the Keyblade has remained a prominent weapon used by most major characters in the series. Only those chosen by the Keyblade are able to wield it, and those who cannot will simply have the weapon disappear right from their hands. Keyblade Wielders are shown to have various different abilities relating to their Keyblades, including the ability to open or close any lock or door, channeling magic with enough ability to surpass most mages, remove hearts from one's body (Including their own, but this only applies to Keyblade Masters), summon and dismiss the Keyblade whenever they desire (Making it impossible to properly disarm a Keyblade Wielder) and transforming it into various different kinds of weapons for more varied offensive purposes (Such as close-quarters-combat, ranged combat or enhanced mobility). While normally a Keyblade Wielder can only wield one Keyblade, those harboring another heart are capable of wielding two (As seen with Sora and Roxas, the former of whom can even wield three through the aid of telekinesis).

Power of the Verse

Kingdom Hearts is a very powerful verse, containing several Massively FTL+ characters and an at least Large Star level cast, with the top tiers being as of now Universe level (Via scaling to the true Kingdom Hearts). Not entirely surprising given the series's cosmological setting, as well as its development by Square Enix, whose Final Fantasy series is notoriously formidable.

Also notable is the series' abundance of hax, which include Gravity Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, and Existence Erasure (This one being limited for the most part, however), etc. These abilities are so common that even fodder Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters have regular access to many of them. Moreover, many of the main cast are shown as capable of resisting most of these hax, whether via the Keyblade or otherwise.

With upcoming games, it is very likely that the series will gain even more feats, hax and abilities, and possibly even a bigger power boost.






Destiny Islands

Destiny Islands KHBbS

Destiny Islands KHII

Destiny Islands KHI

Sora KHll Riku Thumbnail Kairi Thumbnail

Disney Castle

Disney Castle KHII

Disney Castle KHI

Mickey Thumbnail Donald Thumbnail Goofy Thumbnail

Land of Departure

Land of Departure KHBbS

Terra B 6★ KHUX Ventus 6★ KHUX Aqua Thumbnail Master Eraqus 6★ KHUX

Organization Xlll

Nobody Emblem

Xemnas Thumbnail Xigbar B 5★ KHUX Xaldin A 6★ KHUX Vexen B 6★ KHUX Lexaeus B 6★ KHUX Zexion A 6★ KHUX Saïx A 6★ KHUX Axel B 5★ KHUX Demyx B 6★ KHUX Luxord B 6★ KHUX Marluxia A 6★ KHUX Larxene A 5★ KHUX Dual Wield Roxas (EX) 6★ KHUX Xion Emblem

Xehanort Incarnations

Master Xehanort (EX ) 6★ KHUX Terra-Xehanort 6★ KHUX Young Xehanort 6★ KHUX Ansem 6★ KHUX Xemnas Thumbnail

Forces of Darkness

Maleficent Emblem Pete 5★ KHUX Vanitas 6★ KHUX Medal KH Repliku Medal KH Chernabog

Daybreak Town

Daybreak Town KHx

Male Protagonist KHX Ephemer Kingdom Hearts Master of Masters2 Medal KH Foreteller Aced Medal KH Foreteller Ava Medal KH Foreteller Gula Medal KH Foreteller Invi Medal KH Foreteller Ira

Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion

Radiant Garden Logo KHBBS

Radiant Garden Logo (KHIIFM) KHIIHD

Hollow Bastion Logo KHII

Hollow Bastion Logo KH

Cloud 6★ KHUX Leon 6★ KHUX Tifa KHll Yuffie 5★ KHUX Sephiroth 6★ KHUX


Neku 7★ KHUX Yozora KHIIIRM (1)


Heartless Emblem

Medal KH Phantom 359px-Kurt Zisa KH Medal KH Shadow Dark Hide KHBBSFM Medal KH Lich


Dusk KHIII Creeper KHII

Dream Eaters

Nightmare and Spirit Combination KH3D

Medal KH Meow Wow Komory Bat Rainbow Kitstar (Spirit) KHUX Spellican Anti Black Coat KH3D Pricklemane (Spirit) KH3D Ryu Dragon KH3D Tama Sheep (Spirit) KH3D Yoggy Ram (Spirit) KH3D

Specific Disney Worlds

100 Acre Wood

100 Acre Wood KHIII

100 Acre Wood KHII

100 Acre Wood KHI

Medal KH Winnie Pooh Medal KH Tigger


Agrabah KHII

Agrabah KHI

Medal KH Aladdin Medal KH Jafar Medal KH Genie


Atlantica KHII

Atlantica KHI

Medal KH Ariel Medal KH Ursula

Beast's Castle

Beast's Castle KHII

Medal KH Beast

Deep Jungle

Deep Jungle KHI

KH Tarzan

Deep Space

Deep Space BbS

Medal KH Stitch

Dwarf Woodlands

Dwarf Woodlands

Medal KH Magic Mirror

Enchanted Dominion

Enchanted Dominion KHBbS

BbS Prince Phllip

Halloween Town

Halloween Town KHII

Halloween Town KHI

Medal KH Jack Skellington Medal KH Oogie Boogie


Monstropolis KHIII

Medal KH Sulley Medal KH Mike Wazowski


Neverland BbS

Neverland KH358-2

Neverland KHI

Medal KH Peter Pan Medal KH Captain Hook


Niceland KHx

KH Ralph

Olympus Coliseum/Olympus

Olympus KHIII

Olympus KHBbS

Olympus KHII

Olympus KHI

Medal KH Hades Medal KH Hercules Medal KH Zeus Medal KH Cerberus Medal KH Auron Medal KH Zack

Pride Lands

Pride Lands KHII

Medal KH Simba

Space Paranoids/The Grid

Space Paranoid KHII

The Grid KH3D

KH Tron

The Caribbean/Port Royal

The Caribbean KHIII

Port Royal KHII

KHIII Jack Sparrow Davy Jones KHIII Captain Barbossa KHIII

The Land of Dragons

The Land of Dragons KHII

Medal KH Mulan Medal KH Mushu

Toy Box


Medal KH Woody Medal KH Buzz


Sora A 6★ KHUX Medal KH Manga Sora Kingdom Hearts yellow by mickey103-d4u31ew Medal KH Bambi Medal KH Chicken Little Medal KH Dumbo Medal KH Yen Sid


Kingdom Key KH Χ-blade (Complete) KHBBS GummiShip


Kingdom Hearts Series - All Openings (2002-2019)

Kingdom Hearts Series - All Openings (2002-2019)

KINGDOM HEARTS - Dearly Beloved - All Versions 2002-2017

KINGDOM HEARTS - Dearly Beloved - All Versions 2002-2017

Kingdom Hearts 3 OST - Dearly Beloved

Kingdom Hearts 3 OST - Dearly Beloved


Although Disney legally owns the rights to Kingdom Hearts, the series is made in collaboration with Square Enix, and characters associated with Final Fantasy and other series are fully owned by the latter company.

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