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KSA King Dedede Icon You can't be mean to my Waddle Dees! Only I can be mean to my Waddle Dees!
~ King Dedede

A fated bout with King Dedede! What can Kirby do against his new Dedede Hammer?!
~ VS Masked Dedede • Revenge of the King, Kirby Super Star Ultra


King Dedede is Kirby's arch-rival and a primary character in the long-running Kirby series, appearing in every game except Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, making him the most recurring major character of the series besides Kirby and Waddle Dee. He is the greedy self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, which is located on the quaint planet Planet Pop Star.

Due to an ambiguous description of the geography of Planet Pop Star, it is never made entirely clear how much of the planet King Dedede assumes leadership of, though he seems to have castles and fortresses all across the planet. Even so, he seems to perform no administrative functions, and for the most part, the planet seems to ignore any edicts that are issued by him.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-A | At least 4-A

Name: King Dedede

Origin: Kirby

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Bird, Penguin-like creature, The so-called/self-proclaimed King of Dream Land, one of the strongest lifeforms on Pop Star, Kirby's Royal Nemesis, Star Ally

Power and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Non-Physical Interaction (Can affect Wapod Pots and Void Soul), 4th Wall Awareness, Toon Force, Regeneration (Mid. Like all Star Allies, he can quickly recover from being crushed flat, as well as from being impaled by allies or by Flamberge's Barbecue Party), Immortality (Type 3), Flight, Vehicular Mastery, Skilled with his hammers, and an axe, His hammer can catch on fire, Explosion Manipulation (Can throw large amounts of bombs. His Amiibo allows Kirby to use an unlimited amount of them. Can throw explosive hammers), Air Manipulation (Can shoot out small air puffs. Can inhale foes & things and create cyclones while doing so), Transmutation (Can spit inhaled foes as stars via Star Spit), Energy Manipulation, Projection & Absorption (Can project energy via Team Attack after charging power with allies, and assist them to use their own different Team Attacks. Can borrow energy from outside sources), Shockwave Creation, Summoning (Can summon and throw Waddle Dees, Gordos, Hammers, and equip himself with a Mechanical Hammer [Which can shoot missiles, turn into a flame thrower and generate electrokinetic waves] and a Mask), Statistics Amplification with said Mask, Electricity Manipulation & Status Effect Inducement (Fired electricity from his bare hands in Pinball Land, paralyzing the flippers with it), Teleportation, Can deflect projectiles away (Via Hammer Swing and with his axe), Homing Attack, Limited Deconstruction (Can send bolts to drop entire rows of blocks in whatever direction he's facing), Can turn into a small ball of intangible energy, double bass dexterity (Shown in official art)

Resistance to Transmutation (While he has been transmuted several times, he always kept his consciousness and at least basic functions such as when he could still use his hammer while turned into a limbless ball), Existence Erasure (Can get hit by Drawcia's deletion wave and survived quite easily), Mind Manipulation & Madness Manipulation (Became unaffected in places where Dark Matter has their influence and mind-controlling clouds, such as Ripple Star and Dark Star, a planet made out of Dark Matter, including those clouds. However, he's still vulnerable to their possession), Gravity and Radiation Manipulation (Able to outrun and withstand black holes from Sphere Doomers, Master Crown-powered Magolor and Marx [The latter shown Post-Star Allies]. Notably able to briefly outrun and survive a black hole that was warping & sucking all the space of the shown battlefield, including stars in the background of it), Spatial Manipulation (Physically unaffected by said interstellar distortion and the sudden return to normal space has when the attack ends, otherwise only harmed if sucked by that black hole or reached by any space-based attack from Magolor)

As before, Magic, Resurrection (Able to revive others via Revival Spell), Empathic Manipulation & Morality Manipulation via Friend Hearts (Can turn enemies into allies. Able to overwrite Void Termina's effects on allies; Scales to his multi-galactic potency), Healing & Purification (Friend Hearts can be used to heal and purify others. Can "Revive" defeated allies, who are merely unconscious), Cloth Manipulation, Power Bestowal (Turning targets into allies via Friend Hearts gives them that same power. Can bestow individual elemental powers when using them himself), Able to combine powers with allies to enhance elemental attacks (Also gaining access to Ice Manipulation and Water Manipulation), Creation (Can help other Star Allies create Friend Stars and the Star Allies Sparkler)

Resistance to Transmutation (Like all Star Allies, he isn't transmuted after being cooked inside Chef Kawasaki and Cook Kirby's pot, a process that regularly turns foes and items into food), Morality Manipulation & Empathic Manipulation (Became unaffected by the presence of the individual Dark Hearts after having similar powers bestowed to him), heat and cold (Unaffected by the temperatures of Blizzno Moon and Star Lavadom)

Enhanced Air Manipulation (Big Air Bullet Boost Orb), Statistics Amplification (With Boost Orbs), Auto-Resurrection with Reviving Tomato, Invulnerability with the Invincible Candy & Metal Boost Orb, Healing with various food items, Sparkling Star, Maxim Tomato & Maxim Tomato Boost Orb, Explosion Manipulation with Balloon Bomb & Cracker, Forcefield Creation with Prism Shield, Invisibility with Invisibility Stone & Invisibility Boost Orb, Intangibility with Invisibility Stone, Size Manipulation with Sparkling Star, Universal & Dimensional Travel (With Warp Star), Enhanced Thievery with Cashgrabber Boost Orb (Increases the number of things he can steal from enemies), Limited Automatic Mobility with Deflector Boost Orb, Berserk Mode with Berserk Boost Orb

As before, Summoning (Can summon Helpers by directly throwing Friend Hearts to Copy Essences. Can summon a Dream Friend using the Dream Rod), Statistics Amplification (With Power-Up Hearts), Healing with Power-Up Hearts, Homing Attack (With Star Allies Sparkler)

Same as by himself, but he's now driving a robot with the following powers: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Homing Attack, Energy Projection, Can shoot missiles, Creation, Life Manipulation & Spatial Manipulation (Can create Kirbys to attack opponents, they have the following powers; Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Regeneration [Low-High. They are Kirbys], Immortality [Types 2 & 3], Longevity, Vehicular Mastery, Elemental Manipulation [Fire, Ninja, Ice, Tornado], Weapon Mastery [Sword, Hammer, Spear, Cutter, Parasol, Whip], Martial Arts [Fighter, Ninja], Forcefield Creation [Ice, Parasol], Afterimage Creation [Ninja], Sleep Manipulation [Doctor], Explosion Manipulation [Bomb, Ninja], Resistance to Reality Warping, Magic, Transmutation, Existence Erasure, Gravity and Radiation Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Immunity to Bone Manipulation, They can fight without their soul in their body [Though they still needs it to exist to live])

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System level (Fought and lost against Pre-Star Allies Kirby many times, and can harm him, he's also able to defeat foes who fought evenly with Kirby. Stated to be one of the strongest lifeforms on Pop Star. Assisted Kirby, Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee in the defeat of a Master Crown-powered Magolor, which led to the collapse of interstellar parts of Another Dimension, including the 15 areas where the Sphere Doomers were fought, which are all respectively interstellar in size. With the player's assistance, he can defeat Drawcia. Boost Orbs effectively increase King Dedede's destructive power even further), able to negate durability via Star Spit | At least Multi-Solar System level (Can assist Kirby & 2 fellow Star Allies in the defeat of: Void Termina, Corrupt Hyness, the retaliators Three Mage-Sisters [at once], Morpho Knight EX and the stronger incarnations of Void Termina. Boost Orbs & Power-Up Hearts effectively increase King Dedede's destructive power even further), able to negate durability via Star Spit and Friend Hearts

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Although slightly slower than them, Dedede's consistently depicted as being able to keep up with Kirby and Meta Knight, when the latter is able to keep up with the Warp Star and the former kept up with those who could match said vehicle's speed. Reacted & used his cannon to tag Mr. Star flying at incredible speeds, who can easily fly pass stars. Repeatedly outran waves that were consuming interstellar parts of Another Dimension, which were moving fast enough to get past stars and nebulae in the background, as well as keeping up with the Lor Starcutter and Landia, the latter of which he kept up with in combat. Reacted and briefly outran a Jamba Heart flying towards him, which were suddenly scattered across the universe; Dedede is comparable to, and can join the Star Allies, who were able to chase and keep up these Jamba Hearts multiple times. Able to keep up with everyone in the Jambastion cult and Void Termina, who in turn was able to keep up with an improved version of the Warp Star. Able to move even faster with Invincible Candy, Boost Orbs & Power-Up Hearts for a limited amount of time)

Lifting Strength: Likely Class Y (Comparable to Kirby, who defeated and is vastly superior to Star Dream in its Nova form)

Striking Strength: Multi-Solar System Class | At least Multi-Solar System Class

Durability: Multi-Solar System level (Takes beatings from Kirby and other characters around his level without any serious wounds) | At least Multi-Solar System level

Stamina: Very high (On par with Kirby and Meta Knight. Capable of defeating Queen Sectonia, Shadow Dedede and Dark Meta Knight in a gauntlet style fight)

Range: Standard melee range normally, higher with Boost Orbs. Far higher via spitting. Interstellar with projectiles and shockwaves (Scaling from Kirby)

Standard Equipment: His hammer and bombs.

  • Optional Equipment: Items such as Balloon Bomb, Cracker, Prism Shield, Invisibility Stone, Invincibility Candy, Maxim Tomato, Reviving Tomato, Boost Orbs, The Blaze Wheelie, a miniature Heavy Lobster (Kirby Battle Royale), Warp Star. His HR-D3 and Dededestroyer Z robots | As before, Items such as the Dream Rod, Friend Star, Star Allies Sparkler and Power-Up Hearts
  • Can Create/Summon: More hammers, his Mechanical Hammer, a Mask, Gordos, Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos | As before, a Friend Star

Intelligence: Average. He steps up the intensity of his plans and even creates and improvises strategies very fast. Possesses vast combat skills due to being able to contend with, and defeat being as experienced as Galacta Knight, Coily Rattler, Queen Sectonia, Meta Knight, Hyness and Void Termina

Weaknesses: Clumsy

Keys: Pre-Star Allies | Post-Star Allies

Note: Dedede is sometimes shown using mechs, weapons and technology; As far as we know, and contrary to popular belief, he's not the one creating any of them. However, outside of the continuity of the games, at least one non-canon version of him is actually the one inventing all of that technology, notion seemingly contradicted by the little information about this we have in the canon, such as when WoG was talking about his power-amplifying mask only to immediately remark that "nobody knows where he got it..."

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Note that there is no distinction between his keys in this section.

Without Items

Powers & abilities few characters have in the verse, or that Dedede has in a higher scale.

Dedede is already perfect, so his Inhale won't copy abilities. Instead, it has a longer range than Kirby's.
~ Tips • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
  • Inhale reflecting attacks, as portrayed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Inhale (Blowout Blast)
  • Super Dedede Jump
  • Homing Shockwaves
  • Masked Dedede Mask
  • Masked Dedede Hammer

  • Dedede making use of a Friend Heart
  • Team Attack (Return to Dream Land)

Powers & abilities many characters share in the verse.

  • Friend Heart: Obtained in Kirby Star Allies, Dedede generates a Friend Heart which is then quickly thrown to his objective(s). This can be done an unlimited amount of times as well as repeatedly. Upon contact (or near it), the Friend Heart will generate a major change in the empathy of the being(s) affected to the point of making them change their morality towards being an ally to Dedede. The Friend Hearts have also shown to make feel objectives extremely happy, make them have a deep appreciation for the one who used a Friend Heart on them, generate clothes in others, work on robots, heal & purify others, operate without making direct contact to others' bodies as well as affect more than one being at a time, and, by the end of the main story in Star Allies, overwrite the multi-galactic morality changing effects Void Termina forces on allies, thus having the potency of its own morality & empathic manipulation scaling from Void Termina, who gets physically harmed by the Friend Hearts. (It should be noticed that Void Termina getting harmed by the Friend Hearts could be a specific weakness of his, a characteristic of the Friend Hearts, or both, this is left unclear.) The last function the Friend Hearts have is that their targets will immediately be bestowed with the ability the generate and use Friend Hearts with all previously mentioned characteristics.
  • Space Jump: A technique most Kirby characters have, King Dedede transforms into a small ball of energy which turns out to be intangible, he uses this power to mobilize himself or regroup with mates faster.
  • Revival Spell: A technique that, depending on the game, either resurrects dead allies or merely heals them from being defeated & unconscious. Both uses are applied to their users as they are doing the same process over what seems to be the same spell given the same name. Initially appearing in the Team Kirby Clash mini-game, the Kirbys there could approach others Kirbys and revive them when being defeated, which meant falling into the floor with their souls leaving their bodies. On the Team Kirby Clash Deluxe & Super Kirby Clash games the Kirbys there could even obtain items to improve their ability to resurrect others. Before the latter game, in Kirby Star Allies, every playable character became able to "Revive" defeated allies, but these defeated allies don't lose their souls and it's notable how some are still breathing.
  • Team Attack: A technique Dedede can access to with at least another known ally with similar control over energy, such as every Star Ally.
    • In Return to Dream Land when piggybacking an ally or more, they can briefly charge energy to use a special attack, the more allies charging energy the more powerful the attack will be. The form of the attack depends on the ally below, which is shooting it. Dedede slams his hammer to launch several energy stars around him in close range. Dedede & all other allies in-game (Kirby, Meta Knight and Bandana Dee) can use their Team Attack to push back and warp the waves of space that were consuming interstellar parts of Another Dimension.
    • In Star Allies when piggybacking an ally or more, they can briefly charge energy to shoot an energy beam . The more allies charging energy the more powerful the attack will be. Dedede doesn't use his hammer to do this and his partner can be another King Dedede, meaning that this is a power he can do on his own.

With Items

If King Dedede has one of these items when he is KO'd, it will automatically revive him to full health in a flash. It can also be used in the middle of combat as a normal Maxim Tomato.

Heals all of his health when eaten.

Heal varying amounts of his health.

Gives King Dedede extra powers constantly or when activated:

  • Super Charge: Widens charge-attack range and raises attack strength by 20% for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Small Speed Boost: Increases movement speed by 10% constantly.
  • Big Speed Boost: Increases movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Quick Charge: Halves charging time for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Maxim Tomato: Recovers all health when activated.
  • Metal: When activated, it protects King Dedede for 10 seconds, but he's heavier and less mobile.
  • Small Attack Boost: Increases attack strength by 10% constantly.
  • Big Attack Boost: Increases attack strength by 40% for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Quick Revive: Decreases the amount of time it takes to recover constantly.
  • Life Up: Raises maximum health by 40% constantly.
  • Power Throw: Improves throwing ability constantly.
  • Big Air Bullet: Increases power and size of air bullets constantly.
  • Invisibility: Makes King Dedede transparent for 15 seconds when activated.
  • Mega Blast: Will send foes King Dedede attacks flying farther constantly.
  • Cashgrabber: Raises the number of things you an steal from foes by 50% constantly.
  • Deflector: Brushes off attacks automatically for 60 seconds when activated.
  • Superspicy Curry: Lets King Dedede blow flames for 10 seconds when activated.
  • Berserk: Raises attack strength by 40% and mobility by 50%, but slowly drains health when activated.

It starts growing in size after being picked up, and explodes by itself if held for too long.

When held, it fires arcing shots automatically to a fixed distance ahead of the carrier for as long as it lasts.

When collected, King Dededede becomes invincible for a short time, and almost any enemy he touches will be instantly defeated, or at least damaged.

The character holding it cannot fly or float with it. As long as it is being held, its carrier is both invisible and intangible. The Invisibility Stone will respawn in its original place if destroyed. It only lasts for a limited time, and flashes red when it is close to expiring.

A vehicle that King Dedede can use, its charge attack is a powerful dash attack.

Another vehicle that he can use, its charge attack is a powerful electroshock that comes from its mouth area.

When picked up and used Dedede summons one of the following Dream Friends to assist him

The Final Weapon in Star Allies, used to take out Void Termina. The Star Allies Sparkler fires projectiles from the tip, fly around quickly and efficiently, and spin counterclockwise to avoid all damage on a relative scale (Sparkler Turn). Kirby canonically took the lead in the center of the Sparkler while his friends rode in the tail. Still, the leader can be rotated to imbue the shots with a different element depending on the leader (the technique is called Rider Switch). The Sparkler can fire different homing projectiles with varying power depending on charge time. An uncharged shot is called the Sparkler Comet, and it fires a star shaped projectile. A charged shot is called the Sparkler Starshot, and it fires a projectile shaped like two intertwining stars. The strongest attack is called Team Star Allies!, which, if everyone who's riding charges together and releases at the same time, fires a giant laser at the opponent. King Dedede uses this item on his own when used in The Ultimate Choice of Star Allies.

Used to increase his statistics. The effects are shared with allies.

  • Speed Power-Up Hearts: Increases speed.
  • Health Power-Up Hearts: Increases & heals all health.
  • Attack Power-Up Hearts: Increases attack potency.
  • All Power-Up Hearts: Gives all previous effects at once.




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