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Look at this little scrap. Friend of yours, is he? Well, if you like your friend, you better stop attacking me! Now don't go thinking its OK to attack my little minion, either. Who knows what could happen if he dropped your little friend there... YOU GOT THAT?
~ King Boo

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Mwah ha ha! Now what do we have here? Why, if it isn't my old pal Luigi! Or is it Baby Luigi? I can't tell the difference. Hey, remember that time you trapped me in a painting for all eternity? Good times. But guess what? I GOT OUT! And now I'm painting the town RED! Yes, it was I who broke the Dark Moon! This power-enhancing jeweled crown of mine made it easy. And now that all the ghosts of Evershade Valley are under my control, it's time to take my rightful place as supreme ruler of your world! You, that annoying scientist, and all your friends will look great hanging from the wall of my throne room!"
~ King Boo to Luigi


King Boo is the leader of the Boos and the main antagonist of the Luigi's Mansion series and is the arch-enemy of Luigi. He is also an ally of Bowser, who has aided him in his various schemes. He is more than capable of devising and enacting villainous plans by himself, including his capture and imprisonment of Mario. Although not the biggest Boo, King Boo has abilities that far surpass that of the average ghost and he wields a number of impressive magical abilities, including the ability to materialize objects. King Boo's magical power is directly proportional to the number of Boos in his vicinity.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-ALow 2-C when creating Paranormal Portals

Name: King Boo

Origin: Mario Bros

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Ghost/Boo

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Underwater Breathing (Type 2), Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Vehicular Mastery, Matter Manipulation/Creation/Destruction (Created an entire mansion out of nowhere), Can attack people through mirrors, Flight, Teleportation, Intangibility, Reality Warping, Ectoplasm ManipulationInvisibility, Realm Manipulation/Creation/Destruction, Spatial Manipulation, Telekinesis, Can spawn and grow stronger when with other Boos, Can seal people into paintings, Illusion Creation, Elemental Manipulation (Of the Fire, Ice, Lightning, Air and Water varieties), Can fire ectoplasmic lasers from his crown, Can create spirit balls, Can create paranormal portals, Can create paranormal replicas of other characters like Bowser (This version is also able to create and throw spiked bombs), Regeneration (Low-High; Able to regenerate from his crown), Immortality (Type 7), Duplication, Shapeshifting, Size Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Inhaling, Resistance to Extreme Cold, Cosmic Radiations, etc.

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System level (Fought and managed to capture both Mario Bros. several times. Capable of creating and manipulating realms that contain several stars in the background), Universe level+ when creating Paranormal Portals (Paranormality from the portal will cause the universe of the Mario Bros to collapse if Luigi doesn't close it)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with the Mario Bros)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Multi-Solar System Class

Durability: Multi-Solar System level, Immortality and regeneration makes him hard to kill

Stamina: Limitless due to being a ghost

Range: Extended melee range. Stellar with matter manipulation, Universal+ when creating Paranormal Portals.

Standard Equipment: His crown

Intelligence: Above Average as he leads and commands an army of Boos and other ghosts. He also planned traps and schemes.

Weaknesses: Bright light (This weakness varies as he has been shown to be capable of standing outside under the sun in several games such as Mario Kart: Double Dash)


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