"The love between you, her and her." Susuki Shinichi is a guy with no unique qualities and whose daily routine frustrates him. He puts his name under a romance novel club at his school, but in reality, he doesn't associate himself with any club. He has a complex about being stuck in the background and ignored by his childhood friend-turned-class idol, Miyuki. Sone Miyuki, the purple-haired girl, is the academy's idol who is gifted with both beauty and smarts. Although she was Susuki's childhood friend, she hides it at school and does not talk to him. She excels at the academy's drama club, and is great with a baseball bat; a skill she practices for the next drama club performance, which revolves around softball. She loves cats, but unfortunately has allergies to them. Mukou Aoi, the pink-haired girl, is a denpa (nickname for people who act bizarrely. The slang was coined from people who claimed their actions were caused by electromagnetic waves or denpa they received.) who has trouble paying attention in class. She walks around with a smartphone with no reception, and her pastime is sending messages to "God" from the roof of the school. She also has trouble gauging distance between people. The plot begins with Shinichi's attempt to teach friendless Aoi how to socialize with people. Shinichi asks Miyuki for help, and the three of them start to spend time together. As Aoi begins to warm up to Shinichi, Miyuki draws closer to him too, rekindling the suppressed feelings they had from childhood, and pushing the three further into a love triangle. But soon things take a turn for the worse as the events progress throughout your first playthrough.

This verse is also known as "Totono".

Power of the verse

Totono has some very powerful hax regarding their primary characters while using the powers of "God" via Aoi´s cellphone and its reality warping abilities.

The three of them have a very varied moveset for Tier 2 characters, and are comparable to each other.

Supporters and Opponents





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