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It takes place in Japan where a young teenager named Sawada Tsunayoshi has been chosen to be the next successor to the Vongola Family which is a mafia family and is tutored by a young baby named Reborn and his friends and even enemies join his family. Unfortunately, Tsuna doesn't want any part of the Mafia lifestyle in his life.

The verse's main powers are Dying Will Flames. Which are high-density form of energy that is refined from one's own life-force in shape of several color of real flame. All Dying Will Flames have different characteristics, which make them able to generate different effects. For example, Rain Flame can be used to slow down opponents' movements and negate their techniques, Sky Flame can assimilate with the surroundings, Earth Flame can let the user manipulate gravity, etc.




  • The Town level+'s likes Tsuna are from 20% of Large Town level calc (58 kilotons of TNT)
  • The Large Town level+'s like Gokudera are from 2x of Large Town level calc (590 Kilotons of TNT)
  • The Small City level's like Tsuna are upscaled from Large Town level+ value
  • The City level's like Byakuran are from 10x of Small City level value (10 Megatons of TNT). For Tsuna, it's come from 1.6x of previous values (16 Megatons of TNT)
  • The Mountain level's like Enma are form 7x of City level value (112 Megatons of TNT)
  • The Large Mountain level's like Daemon Spade are from 10x of Mountain level value (1.12 Gigatons of TNT)
  • The Island level's like Vindice are from are from 6x of Large Mountain level value (6.72 Gigatons of TNT)
  • The Large Island level's like Kawahira are come from 30x of Island level value (201.6 Gigatons of TNT)






Vongola Famiglia

Vongola Decimo & Guardians


Vongola Primo & Guardians

Millefiore Famiglia


Other Mafioso



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