Kandarian Dagger


The Kandarian Dagger is a large dagger with supernatural properties found by Professor Knowby with the Necronomicon while exploring the ruins of Castle Kandar. Its handle is made from human bone and while looking no different from any other fancy-looking knife at antique stores the dagger's blade itself is able to neutralize/incapacitate/kill Deadites with a single stab (opposed to dismembering the actual body), slashes/gashes/even mere touch made by the said dagger burn deadites' fleshes. Deadites, beings are known to withstand and shake off even the gravest of physical injuries inflicted upon them as if they are mere pricks, screams in pain when wounds are inflicted by Kandarian Dagger. Although the weapon able to kill supernatural creatures, Kandarian Dagger can still kill ordinary non-possessed humans.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown

Name: Kandarian Dagger

Origin: The Evil Dead

Wielders: Ash Williams

Powers and Abilities: Durability Negation (Made to combat the Deadites and Dark Ones, it can also kill ordinary humans), Soul Manipulation (Dagger's attacks harm the soul itself)

Attack Potency: Unknown

Weaknesses: None

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