He who walks the Path of Heaven shall rule over all.
~ Souji explaining what his full name loosely means in English.


In 1999, a meteor crashed to Earth with the planet reduced to a barren wasteland by the year 2006. What remains of humanity is under threat from both a diminished water supply and an Extra-terrestrial race of insectoid mimics called Worms. The organization ZECT acts to combat the Worm threat by giving operatives items called Zectors to fight the aliens as Kamen Riders. But one Zector came in possession of a clever and unpredictable wild card named Souji Tendou, who used the power of the Hyper Zector to minimize the meteor's extent of damage to effect only Tokyo's Shibuya district. He then gives his Zector to his younger self, who becomes the new timeline's Kamen Rider Kabuto and fights the Worms and those in ZECT who perceive him a threat.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A | Likely Low 7-C | High 6-B

Name: Souji Tendo, Kamen Rider Kabuto

Origins: Kamen Rider Kabuto

Gender: Male

Classification: Human, Kamen Rider

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Transformation, Master at H2H combat (Tendou is a master of hand-to-hand combat, being able to swiftly overpower most Worms and even other ZECT agents with ease), Weapon Mastery (Tendou is proficient in handling any weapon, especially dagger and gun), Stealth Mastery (Tendou is able to sneak up on trained ZECT agents and can leave without a trace), Enhanced Senses (The Kabuto Receiver gives him the ability to hear sounds in the range of 16 Hz to 120 thousand Hz, and can even hear a needle falling 5 km ahead. O Signal can sense the disturbance of the space-time and inform Kabuto of said disturbance. Compound Eye has a field of view capable of instantaneously identifying targets 2 km away and covering a wide angle of 130 degrees in all directions. Moreover, enemies can be identified through fluoroscopy with X-rays, neutron rays, and infrared rays even in the cover of darkness), Statistics Amplification with Clock Up (It boosts his speed greatly), Time Travel with Hyper Clock Up (By moving at speeds that are estimated to be twice as fast as a regular Clock Up, Kabuto can travel through time), Portal Creation with Hyper Zecter (Allows the user to open an entrance to the edge of space/time, however this is uncontrollable), Energy Manipulation with The Perfect Zecter

Attack Potency: At least Athlete level (He can matched aganist trained ZECT agents and beat up low Worms with ease) | Small Town level (His kick can produce this much of energy) | Large Country level (Able to push a meteor far larger than himself.)

Speed: Peak Human movement speed (11.2 m/s via official data) | Superhuman movement speed (23.8 m/s via official data), Sub-Relativistic (Used Clock Up to fight a Worm during a downpour) movement speed in Clock-Up | Superhuman movement speed, Sub-Relativistic movement speed in Hyper Clock-Up (Much faster than normal Clock Up)

Lifting Strength: Normal Human | Class 25 (This form can lift 25 tons for a long time) | Likely Class P (Moved an extremely large meteor back seven years in time)

Striking Strength: Athlete Class | Small Town Class | Large Country Class (His kick destroyed an entire space ship)

Durability: Athlete level | Small Town level | Large Country level (Survived the impact of two meteors and re-entry to Earth with minimal injury.)

Stamina: High

Intelligence: High (He is a skilled fighter even able to outmatch ZECT agents with ease and a capable leader when the situation requires, he once leads the Shadow troopers into victory against Worms. He also a talented battle tactician, manage to catch the Cassis Worm - who has the ability to freeze time - off-guard through various tactics.)

Range: Standard melee range, extended melee range to hundreds meters with the Kabuto Kunai Gun | Standard melee range, extended melee range with Perfect Zector

Standard Equipment:

  • Rider Belt: Kabuto's transformation belt.
  • Kabuto Zecter: Kabuto's transformation device.
  • Kabuto Kunai Gun: Kabuto's personal weapon, a firearm with a dagger mode and an axe mode.
  • Hyper Zecter: Kabuto's Hyper form transformation device.
  • Perfect Zecter: A sword / gun weapon that is used by Kabuto Hyper Form.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Rider Kick - Kabuto's trademark attack, using the Kabuto Zector to concentrate 1.342 kilotons of energy into a tachyon-powered kick.
  • Clock Up - An ability which is primarily used by ZECT Riders while in Rider mode, Kabuto can keep up with Worms moving at Massively Hypersonic+ speeds.
  • Avalanche Shoot - Kabuto's Rider Shooting finisher; used with the Kabuto Kunai Gun's gun mode.
  • Avalanche Break - Kabuto's Rider Slash finisher; used with the Kabuto Kunai Gun's axe mode.
  • Avalanche Slash - Kabuto's Rider Thrust finisher; used with the Kabuto Kunai Gun's dagger mode.
  • Hyper Clock Up - A stronger version of Clock Up.
  • Hyper Blade - By activating Kabuto Power, the Perfect Zecter is powered into a tachyon-charged blade gradient that unleashes a powerful slash attack. Can use all Zectors to power up into the Maximum Hyper Typhoon.
  • Hyper Cannon - By activating Kabuto Power, the Perfect Zecter can fire a beam of tachyon energy at an opponent. Can use all Zectors to power up into the Maximum Hyper Cyclone with recoil so powerful that Kabuto needs to activate Hyper Clock Up to withstand it.

Weaknesses: Normal human weakness | The Masked Form had better defence capability but much slower. In Rider form, Clock Up have time limit.

Key: Souji Tendou | Kamen Rider Kabuto | Kabuto Hyper Form

Note: All Kabuto Henshin Forms and Finishers.



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