Come to me, Julianos, for without you, my wit is weak to sort the wheat from the chaff, and my eyes should neither know the true from the false, nor sense from folly, nor justice from prejudice and interest.
~ Invocation to Julianos

Julianos says: Know the truth. Observe the law. When in doubt, seek wisdom from the wise
~ The Ten Commandments of the Nine Divines


Julianos is the Aedric God of Logic and Wisdom, and a part of the Pantheon of the Eight Divines. He is one of the Et'Ada, the Original Spirits born through the interplay of Anu and Padomay at the dawn of the universe, who gained individuality and crystallized into being with the creation of Space and Time. He was among the Et'Ada who agreed with Lorkhan's plan to create the Mortal Plane, though it is unknown if he was tricked into binding himself to the Mundus, or did so willingly for the sake of creation.

As a god of wisdom and knowledge, Julianos governs the realms of literature, law, history, and contradiction. He is usually associated with magic, and is thus often revered by wizards and hermetic orders. As a deity of learning, many of his temples double as educational institutions, such as the Schools of Julianos in the Iliac Bay. Julianos finds his origins in ancient Nord Myth, where he is known as Jhunal, the father of language and mathematics, an unfavored god who advised Shor to retreat and surrender during his war with the elven deities, and was thus ridiculed as a coward.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 1-B | High 1-B | 1-A

Name: Julianos (Also called Jhunal). Known by many titles, such as The God of Logic and Wisdom, The God of Knowledge, The Rune God, The Owl, The Clever Man, etc.

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Inapplicable. Depicted and referred to as male.

Age: Inapplicable.

Classification: Aedric Divine, God of Logic and Wisdom, Et'Ada

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Higher-Dimensional Existence (As Aedra and The Aurbis), Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 2; As Unbound Et'Ada), Abstract Existence (Type 1), Transduality, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10), Large Size (Type 10), Non-Corporeal, Regeneration (High-Godly. Immeasurably superior to lesser Gods and Daedric Princes such as Azura, who reformed after being completely destroyed and erased by Vivec after he had tapped into CHIM), Resurrection, Acausality (Type 5), Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2 as Aedra and The Aurbis; Type 1 as Unbound Et'Ada), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Matter Manipulation / Sound Manipulation / Information Manipulation (Can control and influence the underlying tones which compose the fundamental layer of all reality as the Song of Creation), Law Manipulation, Mathematics Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Creation, Magic, Absorption, Intangibility, Flight, Teleportation, Telepathy, Shapeshifting, Omnipresence, Cosmic Awareness, Nigh-Omniscience, Resistance to Law Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Absorption, Spatial Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, BFR, Transmutation, Madness Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Magic, Reality Warping, Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, and Conceptual Manipulation

Attack Potency: High Hyperverse level (Julianos is one of the Eight Aedric Divines who sustain and stabilize the whole multiverse of Mundus, keeping it from being consumed by the void of Oblivion, as well as the one who created the very space of Mundus. Holds and embodies his own plane of existence, which is infinite in size and higher-dimensional, and controls every aspect of it. Should be at least comparable to the Daedric Princes of Oblivion, if not outright superior to them) | High Hyperverse level (As an Et'Ada, Julianos helped stabilize the Aurbis and shape it from a state of primordial chaos. Created the concept of Logic and embodies it throughout the Aurbis) | Outerverse level (In their Original State, the Et'Ada were Boundless, Eternal and Infinite Spirits who existed wholly independently of duality, predating the concepts of Time and Space, and living in pure harmony, having practically no personalities or boundaries that separated themselves from anything else, inhabiting the Aurbis in its original Zero-State of pure Infinite possibility, where everything that can and cannot happen is always happening all at once, forever, regardless of contradictions)

Speed: Immeasurable, Omnipresent in his Divine Plane | Immeasurable | Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable | Immeasurable | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: High Hyperversal | High Hyperversal | Outerversal

Durability: High Hyperverse level | High Hyperverse level | Outerverse level

Stamina: Infinite

Range: At least Low Complex Multiversal | High Hyperversal | Outerversal

Standard Equipment: Stendarr's Hammer

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: Limited in power and bound to the Mundus | Bound to the concepts of Time and Space | None Notable

Keys: Aedra (Bound to the Mundus) | Et'Ada (Bound to the Aurbis) | Unbound Et'Ada



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