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Johnathan "Johnny" Test is a troublesome, narcissistic 11-year-old boy also known for his love of anything he considers awesome. He's the only son of Hugh and Lila and brother of Susan and Mary (who had brown hair in the 2004 pilot). Because he has Susan and Mary by his side, he can live any kid's dream, only to find that some dreams aren't worth living. He is usually seen with his partner-in-crime and best friend Dukey, his genetically altered dog. He also gives Johnny Coupons to his sisters for helping him with his daily problems. When redeemed, he does their tests for free. Johnny and his sisters are often the cause of some problems in Porkbelly.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-B | Likely 7-C

Name: Johnny Test

Origin: Johnny Test

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Regeneration (High-Low, can quickly recover from critically damaged body parts. He has been seen wearing a cast), Immortality (Type 3), Martial Arts (Is skilled in kung fu, highly proficient in karate and has a black belt), Toon Force, Self-Sustenance (Type 1; can breathe in outer space without any gear), Acrobatics (Outmaneuvered complex security systems by performing acrobatics), Fourth Wall Awareness (Is aware that he's a fictional character), Body Control (Conceals himself in places he normally wouldn't fit in. Can do this), Intangibility (Phased through an invisible wall) Teleportation (Seen here), Hammerspace (Shown many different times), Possible Causality Manipulation (Rewrote Porkbelly's history), Stealth Mastery, Broadway Force, Immersion (Can go inside his TV, as well as picture frames and books), Non-Physical Interaction (can physically interact with intangible beings), Resistance to Extreme Heat, Extreme Cold, and Cosmic Radiations (Survived on the Moon with no gear whatsoever, and it had no effects on him)

All previous, plus Energy Projection with laser guns, Hair Manipulation with Hair Tonic X300 and Hairdo Ray, Underwater Breathing (Type 1; via the Fish Ray), Size Manipulation via Shrink Ray, Flight via Turbo Action Backpack, Time Travel with Turbo Teahouse Time Machine and Scoots/Sonic Super Scooter, Time Manipulation with Turbo Time Rewinder (Can pause and rewind people for up to 5 minutes) and Saturday Repeater Machine (Automatically rewinds time to the most previous Saturday), Time Stop with the Time Stopping Stop Watch, Memory Manipulation (Also with the Turbo Time Rewinder, when Hugh got angry at Susan & Mary for breaking his bowling ball, his memories from the incident were wiped out once Mary used it on him, and he thought Johnny was the culprit instead), Mind Manipulation with Mind Controlling Collars & Belts, Possession with Mega Action Game Controller (When pointed at someone, Johnny can control them as if they were a video game character), Life Manipulation (The Static Animator can bring inanimate objects to life and increase their size, including a bunch of toys), Transmutation (The Bubble Love Gum turned Gil into a gorilla), Statistics Amplification via Super Strength Milkshake (Made Johnny physically stronger and taller), Super Smarty Pants (Automatically increases his intelligence once worn) and Bionic arm (Greatly improved his aim and skills in dodgeball), Earth Manipulation with Atomic Earth Dozer, Resurrection with Replenish Ray (Brought back zombies from the dead in Johnny Zombie Tea Party), Duplication with the Clone Hopper, Invisibility with Electro Chromatic Blanket, Paralysis Inducement with Paralysis Gas Breath Spray (Stuns whoever is in range of the spray), Gravity Manipulation with Magnetic Device (As shown in the episode Johnny Degrees Below Zero), Smoke Manipulation and Sleep Manipulation with Smelly Perfume (Anyone who smells the perfume will be knocked out for 10 minutes)

All previous, plus Shapeshifting, Air Manipulation and Elasticity via Hurricane Hands (As shown here and  here, respectively), Explosion Manipulation and Fire Manipulation via Power Poots (Signature attack), Lava Boogers, enhanced Flight, Super Breath, Transformation and Weather Manipulation (Demonstrated here and here), Telekinesis (Seen here), Telepathy (As seen here), Resistance to Water Manipulation (The suits were stated to be water proof)

Attack Potency: City Block level+ (Can trade blows with those who can harm him. Destroyed the Test house. Fought and defeated Bumper Randalls, who can shake a school building) | Likely Town level+ (Destroyed Porkbelly with his hurricane hands. Melted snow that covered the entire cityCreated an explosion that engulfed Porkbelly with his Power Poots. Can easily hurt Bling-Bling Boy, who can survive this)

Speed: Subsonic (Can run so fast he appears as a blur. Hid Bling-Bling Boy, Gil and chili that covered the living room underneath a couch cushion right before his parents could open the house doorHim and Dukey were seen as a blur by his dad. Comparable to Susan and Mary, both of whom are also this fast)

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Lifted up a car with one hand during a fit of rage. Destroyed a giant tree) | At least Class 50, likely higher (Stopped a train)

Striking Strength: City Block Class+ | Likely Town Class+

Durability: City Block level+ (Has survived the destruction of the Test House on several occasions) | Likely Town level+ (Was completely fine after being in the destruction of Porkbelly). Toon Force, Immortality, Regeneration, and Supernatural Luck make him somewhat difficult to kill.

Stamina: Very High (Screamed from nighttime to sunrise without stopping and wasn't exhausted afterwards. Can still continue to fight, despite having multiple scars and wounds. Fought against Bling-Bling Boy for 6 hours before getting tired. Became exhausted after not sleeping for 3 daysJumped on a bed for 6 hours straight without getting tiredWaited for 4 days straight for a package to come)

Range: Standard melee range. Several kilometers as Johnny X.

Standard Equipment: Johnny X suit, and whatever he can grab from Susan and Mary's lab. Much more with Hammerspace.

Intelligence: Likely Above Average (Capable of outsmarting Susan & Mary, who are geniuses, as well as coming up with creative plans that end up saving him in dangerous situations. However, Johnny isn't very academically remarkable. He thought 2+2 equaled Monster Truck, and has received a lot of bad grades in school Although, this mostly stems from laziness). Unknown with Super Smarty Pants.

Standard Tactics:

Johnny's usual leading form in this key is attacking and overwhelming the opponent with his kung-fu skills if they are unarmed, but if he notices the opponent is equipped with something and/or is bigger and stronger than him, he won't hesitate to lead with Susan and Mary's inventions as he is very prone of using them to save his life.

Although Johnny is leagues stronger in this form, he leads with Hurricane Hands, Power Poots and shapeshifting. However, if he is equipped with Susan and Mary's gadgets, he will be prepared to use them, although he'll use them as secondary options/other abilities instead unless prompted to otherwise.

Weaknesses: He is prone to making ignorant decisions and can be gullible. Arrogant and lazy.

Keys: Base | Johnny X


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