Jinn (Edens Zero) Render

Jinn Overdrive


Jinn (ジン Jin) is a cyborg ninja and mercenary from the disbanded team Rogue Out, having been originally tasked with abducting B-Cubers on Planet Blue Garden. Due to these actions, he was the secondary antagonist of the Guilst arc.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A, higher with Overdrive

Name: Jinn

Origin: Edens Zero

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human, Cyborg

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Hand to Hand Combatant, Air Manipulation, Homing Attack

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block level (Fought and damaged Shiki Granbell), higher with Overdrive (Increased his power by 320%)

Speed: Supersonic (He moved this fast casually. Comparable to Shiki), Hypersonic with Overdrive (Increased his speed by 320%)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Multi-City Block Class (Knocked Shiki back with his Rocket Punch), higher with Overdrive (Increased his power by 320%)

Durability: Multi-City Block level (Tanked a bunch of hits from Shiki), higher with Overdrive (Increased his durability by 320%)

Stamina: Very high

Range: Standard melee range in melee combat. Several meters with Ether Gear.

Standard Equipment: Rocket arm

Intelligence: At least above average (He is a skilled Assassin)

Weaknesses: An Electromagnetic Pulse will disable his Ether Gear temporarily, binding his hands will leave him unable to use his Ether Gear at all

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Wind Ether Gear: By using Ether Gear, Jinn can control and manipulate wind. He can move swiftly and incapacitate multiple enemies, stop his fall by floating on air and vanish like the wind.

  • Skymech Ninjutsu Attack: Windstorm Slash: Jinn fires a blast of wind on his target that is strong enough to lift various vehicles, leaving a large X-shaped crater behind.
  • Skymech Ninjutsu Attack: Windstorm Palm Strike (天械流 忍術 烈風掌 Tenkai-ryū Ninjutsu: Reppūshō): Jinn enshrouds his palm in wind and uses it to strike his opponent, creating a cyclone that blows them away.
  • Skymech Ninjutsu Attack: Crushing Gale (天械流 忍術 疾風砕波 Tenkai-ryū Ninjutsu: Shippū Saiha): Jinn surrounds his entire arm with wind and thrusts forward towards his opponent. However, the full extent of this technique is unknown.

Master Ninjutsu Specialist: Jinn is a fighter specialized in ninjutsu. When combined with his Ether Gear, he utilizes wind through long range attacks such as flying slash attacks.

Cybernetic Enhancements: As a cyborg, Jinn's body is modified in order to help him in combat.

  • Rocket Arms: Jinn can detach his arms and fire them towards his opponent using rocket thrusters. He can control the movements of the flying arm by making gestures with his other attached arm.


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